Wednesday 8 July 2020
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12 “Gotta See” Exhibitors at HFMA18!

12 “Gotta See” Exhibitors at HFMA18!

This week in Las Vegas, healthcare executives and financial leaders from across the US will gather for the annual Healthcare Financial Management Association (HFMA) 2018 Conference to network, share ideas, and explore new ways to address challenges and complex issues facing the industry today.

There will be content-focused sessions, workshops, and speakers to help facilitate problem-solving discussions and explorations of some of the biggest topics in healthcare, as well as an enormous Expo Hall that will feature more than 300 exhibiting companies.

With so much to look forward to and so many opportunities, it can be overwhelming deciding where to even begin.

Here’s a short list of some of the most unique exhibitors that will be at HFMA18 that have really stood out to us here at Telliant Systems:


1.  TruBridge :  HFMA Booth # 234

Headquartered in Mobile, AL, TruBridge brings years of expertise in delivering effective business, consulting and managed IT services created for the unique challenges faced by community healthcare providers.

Their specialties are very broad and encompass a broad range of services, from consulting and managed IT to full business process outsourcing that spans the revenue cycle from end to end. Our professionals have been helping hospitals and other healthcare institutions become more efficient at serving their communities for years.


2.  Sullivan, Cotter and Associates :

HFMA Booth# 766

Specialties include Executive Workforce Consulting, Physician Workforce Consulting, Advanced Practice Clinician Workforce Consulting, Employee Workforce Consulting, and Total Compensation and Workforce Performance Surveys.  They help by providing performance-based rewards programs for healthcare organizations for all levels of employee retention.

Through the Center for Information, Analytics and Insights, SullivanCotter has developed the most widely recognized compensation surveys in the United States. Combining data-driven intelligence with national insights, we act with integrity to help organizations fulfill their missions, business objectives and regulatory requirements.

3. Craneware :  HFMA booth # 1001

With an extensive list of top-end hospital and healthcare clients, Craneware Healthcare Intelligence’s core software solution, Trisus CARE, integrates clinical, financial and operational patient information and determines the actual costs to each patient episode based on the services/activities during the encounter and the corresponding consumption of resources.

Trisus Claims Informatics accesses data compiled from more than 200 million related Medicare and commercial payor claims to provide predictive analytics and root-cause analysis around charge capture issues.

The end result is an emerging, high-growth market for value cycle informatics and a performance platform that help providers understand risks, optimize revenue and meaningfully impact cost on a continuous basis.


4. Optum solutions: HFMA Booth #230

Optum® solutions are infused with OptumIQ™ health care intelligence — the blend of curated data, leading analytics and applied expertise that sets the stage for a smarter health system.  Data from disparate sources — EHRs, medical claims, prescriptions, personal fitness trackers and dozens more — create a wealth of information. But now with solutions like OptumIQ you can find the insights that inspire action?

OptumIQ harnesses the wisdom of more than 26,000 experts to take data and build a common language, innovate with purpose and guide action for success.


5.   Clinical Intelligence: HFMA Booth # 1263

Headquartered in beautiful Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, Clinical Intelligence is a trusted healthcare consulting company dedicated to providing unique solutions for the vastly distinctive needs of healthcare organizations.

What’s unique about Clinical Intelligence: After years of onsite consulting, Founder and President Laurie Jaccard recognized that the healthcare organizations CI was partnering with did not have a meaningful way to use the tremendous amounts of raw data they were collecting. In response, CI developed ClinView® as the solution. ClinView® creates associations between datasets, graphs and variables – allowing executives to interact with the data, see different perspectives and dimensions, drill down to various levels and identify root causes to operational and financial concerns. With ClinView®, all departments and service lines speak a universal language from a credible and unbiased shared source – everyone is on the same page, in the same book.


6.    Databound Healthcare Solutions: HFMA Booth # 769

Founded in 1999, Databound Healthcare Solutions has combined technology and great customer service to help hundreds of hospitals improve efficiency by automating revenue cycle processes. This not only saves hospitals time and money, but it also provides them with the information needed to recover millions of dollars of claims at a higher return rate.


7.   RSource Healthcare:  HFMA Booth #763

Their suite of proprietary products like  Authassure, its pre-bill authorization assurance program that
drastically reduces denials for at-risk managed care claims with a documented 60%+ reduction in denial rate.

  • Complements current process and works with your care management team
  • RSource reviews all claims real-time or day one post discharge
  • RSource verifies authorization for each claim
  • RSource corrects authorization where needed

8.    Dynafios:  HFMA Booth # 138

With a name combining the Latin prefix dyna, meaning power, and suffix fios, meaning knowledge, Dynafios is all about the power of knowledge, specifically when it comes to providing real-time data analytics to healthcare organizations. Since its founding in 2004, Dynafios has partnered with hundreds of healthcare systems across the US with the mission of transforming healthcare by enhancing quality of care and improving financial performance.

Dynafios offers three primary products. Dynafios 4CAST analytics software provides clients the ability to easily visualize variation, identify opportunities for improvement and make decisions based on real-time data. Our TRACE physician time tracking software ensures contract compliance. And finally, our healthcare consulting services consistently deliver positive change to healthcare organizations through physician alignment initiatives, turnkey certification programs, and other services that reduce variation, elevate compliance, and drive clinical excellence and financial performance.


9.    iVantage Health Analytics: HFMA Booth #357

A leader in improving the delivery of healthcare in the world. We live out that mission every day by providing our clients with analytics, insight and support to help them achieve performance improvement. Health systems, community hospitals, and rural providers (including Critical Access Hospitals) across the country rely on the iVantage software and services to deliver meaningful insights and actionable analytics for healthcare performance managementstrategic planning and payment optimization.



10.  Paramount Recovery Systems:

HFMA Booth #669

A specialty healthcare commercial collections partner with great reputation of Specializing in Healthcare and Commercial collections across multiple levels of AR cycle. Dedicated to the success of their partners compliant with HIPAA, ACA/NACA, FDCPA certifications.

Using adaptive techniques and proprietary state of the art software and infrastructure to boost data security as well as protection safeguards Paramount’s specialists use their extensive knowledge and training, all while taking the time and compassion to resolve consumers’ financial obligations.


11.   ProCred, LLC :  HFMA Booth #1212

ProCred takes insurance credentialing out of the back room and into the board room by focusing on the importance that proper enrollment plays in maintaining a profitable revenue cycle.

We apply our knowledge, experience, and understanding regarding insurance carrier guidelines, re-credentialing, CAQH, and credential maintenance to create a positive impact on our client’s bottom line.

At ProCred, they use a result-driven processes that delivers timely and accurate enrollment, cleaner claims processing, customer satisfaction, and a relationship with our clients that extends beyond their insurance agreements.


12.  QueueLogix:  HFMA Booth # 621

One of the leading live-code partners for Healthcare Finance.  Place your medical coding and documentation in the hands of highly-skilled specialists who collaborate in real time for faster, more accurate billing cycles.  Their proprietary platform: EventCare, provides everything your facility needs to achieve more timely and accurate medical coding and billing operations.

Transact easily. Connect meaningfully. Trigger the right actions. Imagine an environment where physicians’ time with patients expands rather than shrinks, where coding happens in real time instead of days after discharge and where accurate billing takes minutes instead of hours.

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