Monday 8 August 2022
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10 Most Important Things to Look for When Hiring a Software Development Partner

10 Most Important Things to Look for When Hiring a Software Development Partner

Looking to hire a software development company for a custom project? Wondering what you should look for when hiring prospective partners? Let’s take a look at 10 of the most important things you should consider during the process


1. A Portfolio Of Similar Projects

First and foremost, you’ll want to make sure that any prospective development partner has experience in projects that are similar to yours. If you’re building an iOS or Android app, for example, you shouldn’t partner with a company that specializes in enterprise desktop software.



2.  Strong Communication

Pay attention to how well each company communicates while you discuss your project and get bids. Those that communicate regularly, effectively, and in a timely manner are likely a better option for your project.




3.  Reasonable Rates

We recommend shopping your project around to a few companies. This way, you can get multiple quotes and estimates, and make sure that you’re being quoted reasonable rates for software development.




4.  A Tried-And-True Development Process

Ask the developer about their development process and how it works, and for examples of past project successes that prove that their development process works well and will provide you with excellent results.




5.  Post-Deliverable Support

In most cases, you’ll need your development team to continue supporting your app or software after it’s been delivered, so make sure your expectations (and budget) are clear on this front when hiring a developer.




6. References & Referrals To Past Clients

Any reputable developer will be willing to give you a reference or referral to a past client or two. This will help you gain more insights into their development process and past successes.





7. A Thought-Out Project Timeline

Make sure that your prospective partners put together a strong project timeline for your software, and explain their methodology for planning your project and setting their goals and objectives. Beware of timelines that sound too good to be true – excessively lofty expectations can quickly turn your project into a quagmire.



8. Agile Methodology

Agile methodology is a powerful method of organizing software development and keeping developers on track. It enables enhanced productivity and transparency, and is definitely the best development methodology for most types of software projects.



9. Scalability

Look for scalability in both your software – the ability to add more users and computing power as needed – and for scalability in your software development partner. This way, your development partner can grow with you and your application, as necessary.



 10. Experience In Your Industry

Finally, look for software development partners who have experience in your industry – the medical industry, for example. Each industry has unique requirements for encryption, protecting user data, and other such regulations – so you will want to ensure that your software meets these requirements.



Follow This Guide – And Partner With A Reputable Software Development Company!

If you keep an eye out for these qualities in your prospective software development partner, you’re sure to choose the right company. So take another look at them now, and make sure you choose the right partner for your next software project!

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