Tuesday 25 February 2020
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10 Ways mHealth (Mobile Health) Benefits Healthcare

10 Ways mHealth (Mobile Health) Benefits Healthcare

Driven by the cloud and the Internet of Things (IoT), Mobile Health (mHealth) is poised to revolutionize the way that doctors and patients interact. mHealth technologies can enable constant communication and higher-quality care – which results in better patient outcomes. Learn more about mHealth and how it will benefit the world of healthcare now.


1. Better Medication/Treatment Compliance

 mHealth tools, such as apps, smart pill boxes, and other such devices will help ensure that patients are complying with their treatment by taking the proper medication. It’s been estimated that nearly 75% of Americans do not take their medication properly or in a timely manner – resulting in poor overall patient outcomes.


2.  Streamlined Information Access

 Mobile devices can make it easier to transfer information between physicians, specialists, and hospitals. As medical records become increasingly digitized, patients will have more control over their information – and it will be simpler to transfer electronic medical records between healthcare providers.


 3.  Big Data Analysis For Healthcare Insights

 Wearables and other such mobile health technologies can be used to gather actionable insights about entire populations of individuals. Using the data collected by mHealth devices, medical experts can conduct studies and analyses which, in previous years, would have been nearly impossible.


 4.  Better Monitoring Of At-Risk Patients

 mHealth devices will allow doctors to monitor at-risk patients more effectively even after they have left the care of a hospital. A patient who was recently treated for a heart attack, for example, can have their heart rate tracked – and then if anomalies are noticed, this information could be sent directly to the hospital.


 5.  Lower Costs For Patients And Doctors

 mHealth will lower the cost of care for patients, and also help cut costs for doctors. Mobile devices and telemedicine can be used to monitor patients, alongside wearables and specialized mHealth devices – meaning that patients will not have to come in for as many appointments. This lowers overhead and costs, which will help provide savings for both patients and doctors.


 6. Better Coordination Between Caregivers And Medical Professionals

mHealth devices make it easier for caregivers – whether they are family members or professionals – to track the vital signs, condition, and other details of a patient’s health. This information can be used to track the overall health of a patient, and provide better care.


7. Earlier Health Interventions

mHealth may have the power to help doctors intervene earlier for better patient outcomes. A web-connected blood diabetes meter, for example, could send information about blood sugar directly to a diabetes specialist – allowing the doctor to make recommendations for the patient, and help them control their disease more effectively.


8.  Simpler Diagnosis And Record-Keeping

Doctors and nurses can use mobile-connected devices to log patient information directly into EHR software, which ensures proper, accurate, and precise record-keeping.


9.  Cuts Administrative Costs

mHealth can help reduce paper consumption due to the digitization of health information, and also reduce the amount of time that administrative staff members have to spend uploading and digitizing paper-based health information.


10.  Better Doctor-Patient Communication

Many folks prefer digital methods of communication like email and text messages over phone calls and voicemail, so the adoption of app-based mHealth portals can help them communicate more effectively with their physicians.


mHealth – The Future Of Healthcare!

For all of the above reasons and many more, mHealth has the potential to revolutionize the world of healthcare. So be on the lookout for the latest mHealth innovations!

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