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11 Impressive Exhibitors NOT to Miss at The 100th Restaurant Show!

11 Impressive Exhibitors NOT to Miss at The 100th Restaurant Show!

The 100th Anniversary event is beginning Saturday, May 18, and ends Tuesday, May 21.  It’s just the place to see what’s new in tech, innovation and of course food, food and more food!  The National Restaurant Association Show is the place to explore everything that’s happening in the industry—from equipment and supplies to food & beverage to technology, it’s all here. Learn, experience, network, sample, and test all the latest things.

There have been 99 shows before this one!  This is the 100th anniversary event and it’s set to be the BEST!  Experience the Energy!

There’s something happening everywhere on the Show floor. Catch the spirit!

With so much to look forward to and so many opportunities, it can be overwhelming deciding where to even begin.

Here’s a short list of some of the most Impressive and Innovative exhibitors that will be at #100YearsOfWow that have really stood out to us here at Telliant Systems:



Zenreach was created to solve one of the most important problems in the modern economy. Much of our time is being spent online, yet over 90% of purchases still happen offline. There is no way for real-world businesses to connect their onilne marketing investments with in-store results.

To better understand online visitors and close the loop from impression to purchase with key performance metrics like the click-through rate. Zenreach gives traditional merchants the same transparency, allowing them to measure the effectiveness of their online marketing with the Walk-Through Rate. Their entire product suite really can jump-start your understanding of your customers and help you engage with them and improve your bottom-line!  \

Check them out at The Restaurant Show Booth # 5759




Unlike other digital menu services, eTouchMenu spans multiple industries because they totally understand that hospitality doesn’t always come in a standard form and every brand is unique. That’s why they focus on customizing their products and services for the requirements of each customer and most industries. Treating each client as a unique opportunity to fulfill its brand vision and service delivery options is what they do best!

They are the leader in the digital ordering and payment industry with more capabilities than any other digital menu service. Their services extends beyond ultra-efficient software. They offer a variety of solutions and devices to aid in your customer care process, enabling your business to excel using our software within the structure you want.

Even as a full service restaurant, your needs aren’t the same as the restaurant across the street. Your digital menu and guest experience technologies shouldn’t be the same, either! eTouchMenu allows your company full control over your customer service interaction, from the first impression to last.

Check them out at The Restaurant Show Booth # 8807



Knowing what your customers are thinking is golden!  Clients choose Chatter because of their innovative platform and personal touch.  Having consistent feedback flowing in directly from customers on a daily basis is very empowering and motivating!

Receiving feedback on your store’s experience isn’t so hard when you have AI powered at scale. Having convenient conversations with customers to reveal what’s really going on is what ChatterResearch does best!

Check them out at The Restaurant Show Booth # 6078


Marketing Vitals

What makes your customers tick, indulge, refrain, and return. Discover what makes your employees up sell, impress, or disappoint. Discover how the seasons, holidays, menu, and staff generate revenue or drain cash. Discover hidden reserves of potential, and efficiency hacks. Discover how to turn data into dollars and pain points into growth.

Marketing Vitals gives their customers the most cutting-edge, effective analytics technology on the market.  By mining data points from nearly every facet of your restaurant’s operations, Marketing Vitals’ software allows you to pinpoint every opportunity to better serve your customers and boost your success — whether that’s up-selling your seasonal appetizer or suggesting a specialty drink to go with your customer’s eat-on-the-run lunch.

They’ve taken the time to create a consultation team with extensive restaurant industry experience. That’s because they believe in specialization, service, and putting the best product out on the market!

Check them out at The Restaurant Show Booth # 6067


QSR Automations

QSR Automations® set out to accomplish one thing: help restaurants create the ultimate dining experience. Since then, they’ve been helping restaurants of all sizes all around the world. From kitchen automation to guest management solutions, their goal is to create and implement the systems that make restaurants more efficient, more capable, and more profitable.

QSR has become an industry leader in technology stack integrations, after developing industry solutions that advance restaurant innovations and empowerment. ConnectSmart Kitchen, a kitchen automation solution, and DineTime, a guest management platform, to help restaurants efficiently manage resources, time, staff and the dining experience have all been created by QSR.

Check them out at The Restaurant Show Booth # 5557



At ExpandShare, our mission is simple. They continue to seek ways to improve the business outcomes of the organizations they serve through online training, knowledge sharing and reporting.  They have a team of professionals in eLearning content and software development. The content team has specialists in scripting, instructional design, video, audio, graphic design and front-end development.

Their software platform, ExpandShare, is a custom-designed proprietary learning system engineered to deliver and track content quickly and easily on both web and mobile.

They solve challenges with onboarding employees by teaching the core company values and identifying problems with re-training, and verification to help with increasing sales and improving safety.

Check them out at The Restaurant Show Booth # 11630


Dashboard Advantage

This is the company you need to see, their revolutionary mobile platform will help make you more efficient with collection and reporting systems!

They offer instant efficiency through the Dashboard Advantage App allowing users to capture an electronic signature, upload photos, complete reports and synchronize data with a few simple swipes on your tablet or smartphone. All the information you need is at your fingertips! Their Awesome  App is compatible with any iOS Apple or Android device! Now you can be productive and maximize success anytime, anywhere – even in remote locations where you can’t reach the internet.

In conjunction with the mobile platform, they take your existing reports, or create new customized reports based on your needs from their extensive library to provide an isolated, branded, secure, online platform in a matter of a few hours.

Striving for operational excellence is everyone’s challenge. Why not make the process more efficient?

Check them out at The Restaurant Show Booth # 10436



Veea Systems, Ltd


Veea Systems offers a range of indoor and outdoor VeeaHub products and platform services for Smart Retail, Smart Transportation, Smart Buildings, Smart Campuses, Smart Factories, Smart Healthcare, Smart Cities and literally any other Smart application.

Their suite of Smart Retail solutions including VeeaPOS Point of Sale (POS) applications, with its unique payment application to retailers, mobile vendors, service providers and hospitality venues along with a wide range of value-added services on a stand-alone basis or in combination with VeeaHub.

Their products are designed to increase the efficiencies of your business operations and decrease your workload. From Veea to VeeaPay, they are all a part of the VeeaHub Platform: a revolutionary business and communications platform that bridges the virtual world with the physical world while extending the computing from cloud to the edge where it is more reliable, more responsive, lower cost and safer.

Visit them at The Restaurant Show Booth # 9635



They offer unique, innovative solutions to food industry challenges like labor costs, food safety, employee turnover and training.  Through partnerships with the leading technology partners — EyeSucceed is one of only 16 official Glass Partners — they have become the food industry’s smart glasses expert, working with clients in foodservice, retail and the supply chain.

Their vision is to become a global leader in the food industry, known for combining smart glasses technology and software solutions to create new business standards and job function best practices.  With over 50 years of combined restaurant experience, they put that knowledge to great use creating practical use solutions for issues that challenge the food industry!

To advance the food industry by working with clients to bring together innovative wearable devices and unique applications that can make a measurable difference.

Visit them and their super tech at The Restaurant Show Booth # 4450



Encounter AI

They are engaging the best of what AI is and will be in the restaurant industry.  EncounterAI is using Artificial intelligence to provide faster, friendlier & more efficient service to customers, restaurants & fast food chains by making their ordering process faster than ever.  Encounter AI is revolutionizing the future of commerce.

They are building the world’s most advanced artificial intelligence assistants built specifically for restaurants and retail to improve accuracy, service, and speed. Responding to your customers instantly via drive-thru and allows your staff to focus on higher value tasks.

Check them and their AI powered tech at The Restaurant Show Booth # 10929



Looking to be a wait-free order+pay company? Bbot can help you with that!  They are the future of wait-free order + pay. Just enter your location on and expect a swift delivery of or notification for your favorite food + drinks! Anywhere you see a Bbot logo, just choose, chat and cheers. It’s so easy. No app, No signup required.

We make smart ordering technology for the digital native generation.

We believe that technology should not be intrusive, it should be easy, intuitive and swift. So they set out to make a new kind of technology for bar and restaurant owners, because they think there is an easier way to order and pay, and get back to living in the moment.

If you are an owner interested in simplifying your bar or restaurant operations while improving your bottom line, then you should meet.

Check them out at The Restaurant Show Booth # 2191

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