Thursday 23 September 2021
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2018 Software Development Trends to Continue into 2019

2018 Software Development Trends to Continue into 2019

Technologies come and go.. or do they?  What is all the rage now, may not even be on the radar in 6 months.  We are more than halfway through 2018 and let’s take a look at what will be the best and brightest technology next September 2019.  Technology is moving at lightning speed!

Let’s take a look at the 2018 hot trends and see if they will be here tomorrow?  Blockchain, artificial intelligence/machine learning, progressive web apps, low code and security.


Blockchain was top of many lists this year due to the Bitcoin revolution. Now, many industries and companies are looking for ways to adopt blockchain into their core business and development. “Blockchain” describes a technology that enables a peer-to-peer network of interconnected devices to store data rather than rely on central computers and defined locations.

The enhanced capabilities that this enables can have rippling benefits throughout the business enterprise.  What does it do?  Blockchain provides the capability to transact and authenticate large-scale transactions quickly and without expensive intermediaries. Software development companies including healthcare software, are looking for more ways  to use blockchain; broader application purposes in administration, supply chain, and medical data, to streamline processes.

AI & Machine-Learning

Just like Blockchain, AI and Machine Learning are still in the apex of what they can do, and will continue to gain in importance.  The latest studies in these technologies show that nearly 40 percent of businesses are looking for ways to integrate and make use of these potentially groundbreaking technologies.  In the early stages businesses are having AI and Machine learning help to automate their processes and then providing them with the insights to make better business decisions with AI improved analytics.  By integrating IA solutions to execute specific tasks, these businesses gain the competitive edge and provide a higher-quality service experience for consumers.

Low Code Development

Enabling IT departments to meet the growing demand for quick rollouts of new apps is only one of the benefits of low-code platforms.  Streamlining ap maintenance and updates is these platforms are made for.  Business is moving at the speed of light, and core business applications must rapidly change to the new requirements.   If the low-code platform is strong and flexible, it will ensure that existing IT infrastructure is easy to integrate.  Managing and integration activities are less concerning when your low-code development platform is robust.

Low code development is one of the latest technology trends that is helping to overtake conventional waterfall app development methodology, because the latter is a labor-intensive endeavor. As compared with low code development, the traditional development methodologies become more tedious repetitive, so the need for a technical analyst or development team disappears.

Security will continue to be top-level concern

Enough said!  Security, security, security!  The need for software security is and will continue to be at the top of the importance list.  A study by Ponemon Institute found that 55 percent of small-to-mid-sized businesses had experienced some type of cyberattack.

Progressive web apps

Progressive web apps (PWAs) are  gaining popularity due to their inherent nature; reduced amount of data used with the app as well as the fact that they have significantly less storage requirements on the user’s device.

Updates are as easy as pie!  As they are similar to websites, the update happens during the use of the app very much in the way a website is updated.  As a user, you see the update when you load the PWA and it doesn’t have to be updated in the background or before you launch it like a native app. This means thats that PWAs can be updated a lot quicker and there is no App or Play Store approval needed so any critical issues can be fixed in a much shorter time frame.

This is why PWAs  can offer the best features of the latest browser technology, with the advantages of the mobile experience. Gartner listed PWAs in its software technology trends report for 2017. These apps have gained considerable steam and can be expected to continue strongly into the upcoming years.


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