Thursday 20 February 2020
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AI and Visual Studio Tips and Tricks

AI and Visual Studio Tips and Tricks

In case you didn’t know,  Visual Studio 2019 comes with a number of handy new features to help developers become more productive. Mastering the components that are newly available with this version, along with the integrated development environment with a wide range of features, serves as a great advantage for developers who are client-centered.  

Tips and tricks: in a nut-shell

Multiline cursor input

If you need to select multiple lines vertically, you can do that by placing the cursor on the first line start point, holding Alt, and dragging down. Then, you can select text or add a cursor to begin typing.

Collapse all code

Use Ctrl + M and O to collapse all your code. This will come in handy when you need to examine the signature without implementation getting in the way.

Execute command with macros

You can configure a commonly used command-line operation with macros related to a current project through the tools menu. Go to external tools and then the menu. Add an item, then you can configure the command using the macros available through the button next to the text box. You can specify parameters through Prompt for Arguments and also map the command output to the Visual Output Window.



Master the command palette in VS Code

The command palette in VS Code lets you access various commands just by typing them out rather than navigating menus with your mouse. Bring out the command palette with the Ctrl + Shift + P shortcut and start typing the command you want to input.

Search across many files

Symbol-finding features like F12 don’t always work, especially when you’re searching for files that aren’t source codes. Ctrl + F lets you search within the current files, while Ctrl + Shift + F lets you search within all the files in the entire current working project.








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