Monday 24 February 2020
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APIs Benefits and Challenges! The Latest Articles by Industry

APIs Benefits and Challenges!  The Latest Articles by Industry

As APIs (application program interfaces) become more prevalent in our software applications because they are very helpful with connecting the dots, but we must be vigilant to keep them safe!  

A brain teaser to plan for, design and manage APIs

APIs in Healthcare:  

ONC Working with Health IT Innovators to Improve Interoperability

ONC: APIs Can Boost Interoperability, Healthcare Data Access

Can DirectTrust Jumpstart Open API Networks and FHIR?

Healthcare APIs Put Patients in Control of Their Data


Fintech:  Banks and Financial 

HPS Builds API For FinTechs To Connect To Banks

Have Developers Struck Gold With Open Banking APIs?

Data, Financial, Analytics API Categories See Big Growth

Open Banking APIs under PSD2: How to Mitigate Risk

7 Myths of API Development and Deployment in Banking

Other API News

Microsoft Introduces REST API Browser and API Try It Feature

Google’s ML Kit offers easy machine learning APIs for Android and iOS

API security: gold rush or wild west?

Don’t Go Broke Building An API portal, Have a Plan & Stay On Budget





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