Saturday 17 April 2021
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Has Artificial Intelligence Infiltrated Document Management Systems?

Has Artificial Intelligence Infiltrated Document Management Systems?

Document management systems have benefited from cloud capabilities for many years and now it’s time for AI to continue the trend.  With Artificial Intelligence and robotic processes helping to increase efficiencies in financial and manufacturing industries, document management systems are the next logical group to be on the receiving side.  Document management systems have the most to benefit from the analytics, archiving, scanning and optical character recognition capabilities.  AI can continue the technology improvements of enterprise document management systems.

Many industries will benefit from the use of AI technologies in document management systems, healthcare, insurance, and attorneys to name a few.  As companies evolved and expanded, it was not unheard of to have more than one content management system.  AI will give the enterprise the ability to have more control over their content with a more dynamic management of their business information.

Cloud based storage repositories have been used to consolidate the information.

Electronic content management systems will begin to use hybrid content architecture at higher rates.  The transition to the cloud to ensure access to the data in is continuing at a high pace, “more than 50% of leading ECM vendors will rearchitect their offerings into cloud-based systems”, according to Gartner ECM 2016 report.  By next year (2018), enterprise file synchronization strategies will be the norm and their implementation will be the standard.

Why is AI so important? 

Organizations will continue to wrestle with the correct strategy for them. There are many tools to increase the end-game of cloud and AI.  ABBY, the leading AI, text-scanning and OCR (Optical Character Recognition) software company helps companies to realize both the automatic nature of AI and the increased scale it can be.

Being able to take large volumes of data and apply intelligence to it and understand what it is and assign the necessary metadata for it to be managed is a significant step forward in ECM.

How will AI impact document management technologies?

  • Big Data Analytics algorithms will sort through the mountain of data to understand critical trends
  • AI engines now drive at least one scanning and forms processing applications in every DMS, allowing the software to recognize categories of documents
  • Fast extracting the index values automatically
  • Simplifying the conversion from paper documents to digital files by virtually eliminating the need to manually sort documents and hand-key index information.

Still a Ways to Go with Artificial Intelligence

AI is based on predictable behaviors. But human behaviors are not always predictable or rational, and the subtleties vary across cultures.

Content management with a i consistent user interface or author experience is one basics. AI cannot create that as it is unable to convey personal experiences or spin engaging stories. However, once everything is set, it could possibly mimic and replicate.

And…talking to robots can be frustrating. Going with fully mechanized responses may not be the best way to increase customer satisfaction

Let science and technology be the backbone of making your content and engagement robust. Robots can reduce or take over repeated tasks that stretch over lots of data, tasks that can be automated or follow a logical road-map, recurring tasks that are activated by specific actions and are time-consuming.

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