Sunday 17 January 2021
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Enhancing Customer Service with Improved UX/UI Strategies

Enhancing Customer Service with Improved UX/UI Strategies

The right improvements in your UX/UI strategy give your customers a better service experience without a need for more manpower. Here are some fixes you can employ immediately, even on a budget.

Simplify, Simplify, Simplify.

The great philosopher Thoreau gave us this mandate well before the Internet, but the concept fully applies. Take a look at the most visited webpage on the Internet – Is it trying to impress anybody, or does it simply provide a useful service with a straightforward UI?

Don’t try to “wow” anyone with your look. “Wow” them with your functionality.

Updating Unvalidated Features

Investing in a heatmap can tell you exactly what elements on your page are popular and which are not. As you learn what your audience needs, place more focus on those features. Even more importantly, remove the unvalidated stuff from your website as soon as possible.

Removing the clutter creates more impact for the features that everyone loves. Doing this also gives your site a more professional look that adds to the perceived customer experience.

Trying to Convert Before Giving Value

Do not try to get something for nothing. Annoying pop up screens demanding personal information no longer work – your prospects will simply clear out your page and leave, never to return. Even worse, they may tell everyone else about your antiquated strategy.

You can use pop ups, but do not try to impose before offering some sort of tangible value. You can offer this value on the pop up screen for a great effect. And never try to extract personal information as a lead in on your landing page.

Refusing Customer Feedback

If you survey your audience, they will tell you what they want. Many companies make the mistake of blaming problems on the user, however. You will never win if you tell yourself that your audience is too stupid to use your masterful, complex features.

When you get feedback, use it. Your prospects may tell you that the reason they buy is not the reason you sell. This is important information. If you focus on the features that you want, then you will quickly alienate and lose your audience. Look at negative feedback as an opportunity to improve, not a critique.

Creating an Onboarding Experience

Instead of pushing for an upsell during onboarding, make the customer’s first experience after conversion a memorable one. Some members of your audience may be experiencing buyer’s remorse after the purchase. If you let this feeling linger, you can expect a sweet revenge on the review sites.

Make sure that you provide training to your product or service. Invest a bit here. The more that you invest, the more that you can get away with direct upsell tactics. Balance is the key, but remember that the experience is what will make the customer come back. You are not convincing anyone of anything.

Your Search Function

If you are going to have a search bar on your page, make sure that it works! Google has spoiled the Internet in terms of search. IF you include this, then you have to get it right, and that’s the bottom line.

Generating a positive user experience is no longer a luxury. Customers have virtually unlimited choice because of the Internet, and patience is not in high supply. Use the best practices above to improve your UX/UI strategy and the experience that your customers have with you. 

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