Monday 8 August 2022
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How Enterprises Benefit from Node.js

How Enterprises Benefit from Node.js

Using Node.js in an enterprise setting has many well-known advantages:

  • It makes development faster and increases the productivity of teams, thanks to the NPM which has more than 230.000 modules that can be used instantly.
  • The high-scalability of Node lets you spend less on infrastructure, since you can handle the same amount of load with less hardware.
  • A well-established Long Term Support planensures that each release is going to be maintained for 30 months.

But when we are saying Node.js is enterprise ready, we don’t just talk about advantages in theory. We have summarized what leading developers say about using Node.js in an enterprise environment, why they chose it and how the technology improved their teams and products.

Node.js is known for Event-driven I/O server-side JavaScript environment based on V8.

Building real-time applications benefit the most from Nodejs

So if you are trying to build real time web applications like chat engine or team collaborators Node.js is the way to go.

  • js is fast: Node.js uses JavaScript in the backend, and that’s enough to understand how fast the codes execute. Moreover, it runs on theGoogle’s V8 engine, which compiles the JavaScript directly into machine code making it faster than most.
  • The ever-growing NPM: Being an open-source technology, node.js has a shared repository of good-to-go tools and modules. The number of modules in the Node Package Manager (NPM) has increased at a considerable pace, just on the verge of overtaking the RoR (Ruby on Rails) gems.
  • Real-time web apps: The event-driven architecture of node.jsis appropriate for real-time applications, especially chat applications and games. As both the client-side and the server-side are written in JavaScript, the synchronization process is better and quicker. Web socket protocol comes into picture here.
  • Productivity:The productivity of a web app increases several folds with node.js because a lot of time is saved in between the lines. Merging the front-end and back-end into a single entity makes it efficient. That also implies a lesser number of employees and more profit on your side. PayPal reported 2 times increase in developer productivity after using node.js.

I hope now you are clear with what are the advantages of Node over RoR (RubyonRails) or any other technology.

Node.js will be your ideal choice: 

  • If you’re looking to create real time web apps (chats apps) Node will be the best technology for these type of applications. Ruby and Python can both accommodate these kind of features as well, but Node.js will do it exceptionally well in terms of performance.
  • If you’re looking to build APIs It’s perfect for handling lots of requests that are I/O driven (e.g. operations on database) and scales very nicely.
  • If you want to build streaming applications

And if you need more reasons to use Nodejs?  some additional advantages 

  1. Node.js web applications are ideal for data-heavy websites and apps
  2. Ideal for data-heavy websites and apps
  3. Real-time web-based solutions can be built with Node.js
  4. Capable of handling traffic spikes
  5. Node.js has emerged as a cost-effective solution for resource intensive websites

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