Wednesday 6 July 2022
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Five Technology Trends ISV’s Should Lookout for in 2013!

Five Technology Trends ISV’s Should Lookout for in 2013!

As we wind down this year and get ready for 2013, there are several trends in technology that are taking shape. These trends affect everyone in some shape or form, but will have a unique relevance for ISV’s. If you are in charge of setting the product roadmap or play the role of a visionary in your software company please play special attention.


Like it seems so in every year, 2012 has seen a lot of trends take hold. Smart phones have taken hold as expected and nearly no one I know even has a non-smart phone any more. The Cloud has gotten more traction and moved from a nebulous concept to a real and practical feature of the technology landscape. So technology trends are shaping the way we live, communicate, work, and enjoy our leisure time in every way imaginable.


Businesses that place smart bets on such technology trends can be big winners and those that ignore them are left among the large pools of companies that are ‘late-to-the-party’. So let’s put on our time binoculars and see what’s approaching us in 2013 so we can get prepared, shall we?


Mobile Devices.Analysts are predicting that in 2013 web access from mobile devices will exceed those from PCs and laptops. The demands for Mobile ready versions of software will not only continue to rise but will likely become

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a must in many cases. Microsoft has finally launched Windows 8 and the need for Windows versions of application will reach a critical point by the middle of the year. So a well thought out mobile strategy that clearly addresses your customer’s expectation is extremely important for any ISV.


Private And Public Clouds. Firms are increasingly relying on cloud infrastructure as an extension of IT. According to Gartner, Private Cloud improves agility and will increasingly become the trend. Companies are looking at the cloud as a way to accelerate business growth, particularly with mobile apps as a great way to reach new customers. Hybrid environments will also be increasingly the norm. Adopting an effective cloud strategy and offering intelligent and savvy deployment options for your customers will be critical for success.


Windows 8. The long awaited and much hyped Windows 8 is finally here. It is expected to be the platform that will integrate PCs, phones and tablets into a single seamless experience. While the initial reports of Microsoft surface adoption is luke warm at best, we all know the legendary persistence, staying power and deep pockets of Microsoft. Like it or not, Windows 8 is here to stay. So software makers better get ready if they are not already, to not only ensure compatibility but go out there and leverage the powerful new features of Windows 8 including the snazzy interface and the interoperability across devices.


Big Data and In-Memory. Many analysts are predicting a rise in use cases for big data applications and use of in-memory technologies in 2013. With the growth in mobile technologies, social media, internet more and more use cases are being developed by companies to gather and utilize the data. The challenge will be to get a unified view of business with more cloud based services and solutions. This presents a great opportunity for software providers to offer solutions for big data challenges customers will eventually face.


Virtualization. Computing and storage industries have gone through some serious changes recently with the evolution of virtualization. But predictions are that in 2013 virtualization will go beyond computing and storage and into areas such as networking. Already Software Defined Networking (SDN) is causing ripples in the networking world as it expected to lead to lower costs and making the switching become commoditized and technically simpler. Virtualization is here to stay, so software companies need to expect customers to adopt it and expect ISV’s to support and leverage it creatively.



These five technology trends plus several others that are yet unknown will most certainly rattle the cages of technology consumers. ISVs and technology entrepreneurs must thrive in this environment of rapid change to succeed. So why not be proactive and look ahead and make some calculated bets to take these trends head on and make it a competitive advantage.

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