Sunday 7 June 2020
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Highlights from FinTech South 2019 & The FinTech Innovators!

Highlights from FinTech South 2019 & The FinTech Innovators!

It’s only a 2-day conference but the Technology Association of Georgia does a great job putting together the best FinTech innovators.  The large array of financial technology companies are present at this small but powerful group of financial technology leaders.  FinTech South brings together global leaders, key companies and the hottest trends in the industry for an exchange of insights and innovations that fuel tomorrow’s financial technology industry.

This year’s conference was again sold-out, featuring 90+ key thought leaders in the industry, along with current and emerging FinTech leaders from across the globe. The panel discussions featured national fintech executives with interactive demos and 24 thought-provoking break-out sessions, exploring the fast-paced shifts and global implications of the fintech ecosystem in a world of constant change.

We had the opportunity to walk and speak to many of the exhibitors between sessions, and enjoyed meeting the best in fintech at the apex of innovation.  With so many fintech pioneering companies to check out,  it can be overwhelming deciding where to even begin.

Here’s the short list of some of the most innovative FinTech exhibitors, that really stood out to us at Telliant Systems at FinTech South, be sure to check them online! 




W9manager aims to help companies and individuals manage their W-9 forms in a brand-new way! Independent contractors and vendors can use their guided process to create their W-9 form with improved accuracy and completeness for free. They can then securely send their W-9 electronically from anywhere, on any device, as often as needed.

Companies can request electronic W-9s and store them centrally. Automatic reminders are sent out by W9manager if a completed W-9 form is not returned timely. Best of all, a guided reportability process with contextual help assists users determine the reportability of vendor payments. Imagine starting the 1099 reporting season with a completed W-9 on file for every vendor and reportability already determined!

With the W9manager cloud application, with the combined power of a cloud platform with electronic signature technology the process is no-longer arduous. They built W9manager to transform the current manual W-9 process and bring clarity to the regulations surrounding the 1099-MISC process. Offering affordable solutions for all businesses, from the Fortune 500 client to the small business owner.



They are transforming data security!  Arcanum Technology provides an innovative and cost-effective authentication solution that helps financial services organizations, banks and online merchants create a safe and secure business environment for their customers. The company’s breakthrough nKode system elevates the authentication process with an expanded character set and an innovative cypher algorithm that generates a series of tokenized values every step in the process.

The patented nKode highly-innovative technology approach fortifies passwords systems like no other technology on earth!




If you need some help in sales and marketing, business scaling or accessing capital, NXTsoft should be your go-to partner!  They help build and grow companies using management’s core strengths.  They focus is concentrated in Risk Management, which includes Cybersecurity, Compliance and Risk Analytics.

They have a software product to help you!  If you need Cybersecurity, Compliance, Data Analytics, or Data Conversion, they can help you through the challenges that you may encounter.  The company’s focus is concentrated in risk management, which includes cybersecurity, compliance and risk analytic delivered by companies that include ThreatAdvice, Springhouse Compliance, DDS, FIMAC, Echo Partners and ILS.

Capital Slack

Founded in 2017, Capital Slack, LLC has a mission to build technology to bring transparency, efficiency and cost savings to the real estate debt capital markets.  The Capital Slack Marketplace upends traditional mortgage banking’s place in the $500 billion commercial real estate lending market. 

Their online platform automates the loan request process allowing any borrower to quickly and easily create a loan request and submit it to any or all of our lenders for free. Capital Slack is not a crowdfunding platform or peer to peer lender.  Capital Slack utilizes the existing infrastructure of the institutional lending market to save client’s money utilizing technological efficiencies to solicit attractive terms and get loans closed.



Sorry, too new to have a logo yet!  Look for great things to come from this start-up.  Based in Alpharetta, GA out of the Tech Alpharetta incubator Still in the beginning stages of building their company.  They have a prototype of a security software product integrated into a few area banks.  Keep an eye on them! 



Verde International

Verde International formed in 2006 has exceeded expectation by bringing objective analytics and decision solutions to financial institutions and the companies that serve them, in virtually any market.

By integrating advanced behavioral, econometric and financial models with state of the art optimization methods, they surpass the needs of the clients by guiding their clients’ actions with precise direction, leading to optimal results.



QwikCheck is armed with an unprecedented, intelligent customer analytics system to help store operators understand their customer’s shopping habits to personalize and grow sales all while delivering true checkout convenience.  Their Cloud-Based Self-Checkout system will transform your customer’s retail experience and improve customer loyalty through three main channels. 

QwikCheck Software can be used with standard, off the shelve hardware, however, they also help by suggesting hardware that will meet the minimum requirements to optimize the operation.

To help their customers they have a multi-price structure based on a store’s needs  by providing flexible options by bundling hardware and software or you may use your existing hardware.

The excitement continues to grow in Georgia as we continue to be a force in FinTech! 

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