Wednesday 8 July 2020
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Highlights from NACM, the Best in Class for Court Management Solutions!

Highlights from NACM, the Best in Class for Court Management Solutions!

This week in Atlanta, Georgia the National Court Management Association (NACM) had their annual conference and expo.  Court technology providers, justice professionals and leaders from a variety of court services and technology sectors from around the United States gathered to share ideas and explore new ways to improve the justice system and the supporting systems.  With unique sessions and expert speakers in every facet of the court management industry there was many opportunities to  gain the necessary information, skills and technology to improve the court management systems and improve the United States Justice system.

So,  who stood out to us when we met with the technology innovators in court management Systems?

Here’s a short list of some of the most innovative exhibitors that are really helping to improve the justice systems one court room at a time:


RevolutionaryText, LLC : With many courtrooms lacking the necessary staff to ensure the wheels of justice continue to move swiftly you can look to them for remote real-time reporters:  They believe they have the “Gold Standard for your court-reporting” needs.. Your courtroom does not have to compromise its record-making preferences to address the nationwide shortage of court reporters.  RevoText puts a team of world-class, real-time reporters at your everyday disposal REMOTELY.  They have the best of both worlds — the gold standard of real-time court reporters with cutting-edge technology.  And we do so with a hassle-free installation process and a promise of white-glove support and service.


CourtSolutions LLCThey have been working closely with your court systems to create the powerful and easy-to-use system you said you need. They also made it available to the courts at no cost and with no commitments.  Some of the technology features you can expect from them is their revolutionary Hearing dashboard helps the Judges and court staff and the Lawyers and participants know who is speaking, sets up call quickly and helps with controlling the audio to help reduce administrative burden and to enhance the court experience making the Interaction with the Court seamless and as if they were there.


Perdue Brandon Fielder Collins and Mott‚ LLPHelps court systems and tax collecting agencies to improve their collections‚ reduce your backlog of outstanding receivables‚ increase voluntary compliance by defendants on new cases and lessen the workload on your staff. Their highly experienced and trained staff‚ their innovative custom software and proven written and verbal notification procedures ensure increased collection percentages. One of the most helpful features of their software is their Client collection reports‚ data updates and 24/7 access to view collection activity on our website’s Automated Assistant.


Government Window:  Has a innovative solution for collections for government agencies and they are a leading provider of NO COST e-Payment solutions that save time and money for government agencies, while providing convenient and secure payment methods for all citizens. They have an integrated e-Payment solution simplify and automate government collection processes, using mobile-ready WEB pages, an automated IVR phone system, and easy-to-use POS solutions.




ImageSoft:  ImageSoft is changing the way that courts, local and state governments, insurance companies and general businesses operate to meet the demands of the future. The power to simplify. ImageSoft’s relentless commitment to developing, implementing and supporting mission-critical solutions that solve a wide range of business challenges for organizations.  In the back office they are revolutionizing shared services by providing Court employees complete views of critical information. To enhance the court’s ability to move cases and become more efficient they are: Serving the public better by moving data, not paper throughout your court.



Equivant:    aims to help the community while advancing justice and deliver better outcomes to all who touch the justice system. We do this through our deep domain knowledge, modern technologies, and expert services that help promote public and individual safety by informing decisions at every step. Their strength comes from their solutions that adapt to those needs rather than forcing your data to conform to rigid layouts and processing rules.



TyberaA full-service court management system including; eFiling System. eFlex consist of two modules; the Filer Interface or Electronic Filing Service Provider (EFSP), and the Review Interface or the E-Filing Manager there is something for every part of the justice system ecosystem.



Extract Systems:  has some of the innovative technologies for the management of court documents, their intelligent document handling platform brings automated extraction, redaction, classification, and indexing to companies of all industries. The Extract’s document handling platform reads your incoming unstructured documents. Our customizable platform intelligently extracts or redacts the information you need and routes your data and the original document to their final destination.


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