Wednesday 8 July 2020
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What Should we Expect from HIMSS 2015?

What Trends should we be looking at?

What new EHR features should we expect at our local PCP?

What new products are going to help make our lives better?

All these questions Answered in the next few days of HIMSS… April in Chicago..

HIMSS states that there are 6 Anticipated Trends..

1. Patient-to-patient social media collaboration

2. App-driven data liberation.

3. Traction on ‘care without boundaries.’

4. Customized personal health analytics.

5. Continuation of tech-enabled patient engagement.

6. Streamlined patient-to-physician mobile app data.

Let’s just see if all these come true.

I had the pleasure of seeing some of one of these trends come to life:

A company called  in Atlanta.  They have gone back to making house calls.. but with all that medtech offers to them.  They are a house call pediatrician.

Who wouldn’t love that.. You make an appointment on their website, they send a Registered Nurse to the house with all the connectivity to take all the patient’s vitals and then have a consult with a pediatrician.  No taking you child to the doctor, no waiting in the sick child waiting room, no taking your child to pick up their meds feeling miserable.  So.. #3 : Care without boundaries and #5:  Tech-enabled patient engagement.

Patient Access is fast becoming top-of-list on the PCP list due to MU requirements.  According to Mike Miliard  “One of the more troublesome measures of Stage 2 meaningful use has been the requirement that providers get at least five percent of their patients to view, download or transmit their digitized health information.” Mike Miliard also states “To comply with (view/download/transmit), not only did the vendors need to reengineer their patient portals and the hospitals and clinics revamp their workflows, but providers now became responsible for ensuring that their patients were doing something with their newly downloaded data,” Wachter wrote.”

Healthcare Products are ever evolving.. According to authors for the strategy consumerization & Results from pwcperspective “We are witnessing the evolution of a new healthcare marketplace, offering a range of solutions that combine care and financing. It will be more competitive and more transparent, and ultimately shaped by the shifting of risk to providers and consumers, and the addition of retail channels for care and financing. This marketplace will deal in population health solutions combined with a range of acute, chronic, and long-term products.”

Obviously, the marketplace can really use these solutions.

According to Mike Miliard on  in an article he wrote in December: Top 10 health IT predictions for 2015

These and many other things will be discussed at the HIMSS 2015 Conference in April.. Go.. Absorb the knowledge and grow from it!  I know we will!

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