Monday 8 August 2022
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HIMSS18 is NOW! Tech Sessions NOT to Miss!

HIMSS18 is NOW! Tech Sessions NOT to Miss!

I know you are wondering what are the best sessions to Attend.  Technology is King!  Find out how the latest Tech innovations can help you!

Disruption means there is something positive around the corner when it comes to Healthcare IT!  Disruptive innovations like AI and Machine Learning (they go together if you didn’t already know), Analytics that are predictive as well as prescriptive are now becoming commonplace.

Blockchain is at the top of the heap when it comes to hot disruptive technologies and it’s data collection and management capabilities will revolutionize the way health information is managed.  The benefits are still to be realized as this technology is still in its infancy, but it is thought that it will be most often used in a very challenging area, interoperability and of course  privacy and security (the main tenant of blockchain tech).  There are very lofty goals of improved health information exchange and patient safety and outcomes.

Healthcare is still embracing all that is Tech!  There are many innovative uses of information and technology offer endless benefits to healthcare organizations and to the health and lives of individuals, families and populations around the world. It ensures accurate information is available at the point of care. It enables personalized care based on a patient’s profile and needs. It enhances the patient and provider experience. It improves patient safety and outcomes. It reduces the cost of care. And the list goes on and on.

“At HIMSS18, you’ll hear from innovative leaders who are transforming health around the world, interact with groundbreaking solutions on the forefront of healthcare, and discover creative approaches to your biggest challenges – all at one time, all at one place.”

Some of the Best Healthcare Tech innovators will be speaking and sharing their considerable knowledge.

Check out some of the more interesting conference sessions:  

Privacy, Security and Cybersecurity

Health Information Exchange, Interoperability & Data Integration

  • Interop Showcase Discovery Center: Ivenix: Wednesday, March 7: 1030am-1:30pm
    • About:  Learn what role infusion system architecture, design, and contextual interoperability play in unlocking clinical value and insights at the bedside and among downstream systems.
    • A FHIR-Enabled Ecosystem for Health Information Sharing: Thursday, March 8: 4-5pm, Murano 3301
      • Speaker:  David I. Hay: Product Strategist, Orion Health

Data Analytics/ Clinical and Business Intelligence

Connected Health and Telehealth

Population Health

  • Creating a Population Health Strategy that Scales: Tuesday, March 6: 2:30pm-3:30pm, Delfino 4002
    • Speaker: Renee Broadbent: Associate Vice President, Population Health Information Technology and Strategy, UMass Memorial Healthcare, Information Services & Office of Clinical Integration

Blockchain for Healthcare

Connected Health & Patient Experience

  • Connected Care IRL (In Real Life): Wednesday, March 7, 8:30am -9:30am: Palazzo G
    • Speakers:  Lygeia Ricciardi: President, Clear Voice Consulting, LLC
    • Jen Horonjeff; Founder & CEO, Savvy Cooperative
    • Michael Joseph: Founder & CEO, Prime Dimensions, LLC , Executive Director,
  • Patients as Partner: Embracing Patient-Driven Design and Innovation: Wednesday, March 7, 11:30am-12:30pm: Marcello 4405
    • Speakers:  Joyce Lee & Robert P. Kelch, MD Research Professor of Pediatrics, Child Health Evaluation and Research Unit, University of Michigan
    • Rick Starbuck: SVP, Chief Design Officer, Change Healthcare
    • Gokul Krishnan: Founder, Maker Therapy


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