Saturday 6 June 2020
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How do I Accelerate Software Development? TEST BETTER, STRONGER, FASTER!

How do I Accelerate Software Development?  TEST BETTER, STRONGER, FASTER!

Cloud computing, Crowd sourced testing and mobile application testing are some of the latest trends in QA that testing professionals should think about. In particular, crowd sourced testing is providing a lot of opportunities for software testing professionals to provide services independent of organizations, geographies and boundaries. The widespread number of applications hosted over the internet have seen a rise in internet security testing. Test driven development, test data management and testing in the world of SOA and agile are other trends that have become popular. Application Testing Companies, organizations and professionals have responded in a variety of ways to these emerging trends. Some of the responses to these trends are provided below:


Virtualized test labs: QA organizations are increasingly embracing virtual test labs due to the efficiency and cost savings that can result by adopting

them. Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) that specialize in testing have adopted virtual test labs as they help faster setup of test configurations, better utilization of resources and boost overall software quality. With cloud based offerings available, tangible benefits can be realized earlier because the task of software configuration is eliminated.

Testing internet applications: Besides functional testing, an important aspect of testing rich internet based applications is security testing. This requires adopting an ethical hacking approach to detect the vulnerabilities, exploiting them and penetrating the system. Using the right tools and techniques enables testers to see what can be actually exploited in the application. Once the loopholes are identified, QA professionals can recommend appropriate remediation measures to fix the defects.


Testing in Agile development: Agile methodology of software development has gained wide prominence. A key feature of this methodology is the early involvement of QA professionals during each iteration of development. Since requirements for the entire project are not fully developed and signed off (unlike in a waterfall model), QA professionals need to orient themselves to different testing practices though the fundamental Agile principles in testing . As storyboards are being developed during iterations, testers need to outline test ideas, prioritize them and adopt a risk based approach to testing. Agile also entails the testing team to work in close collaboration with the development team. There may be a specialized QA Services Company that can help you with this type of application Testing.


Test driven development: This is closely aligned to agile methodology and advocates developing and implementing test cases before development commences. Many mature software development firms are adopting this method. QA professionals need to ensure that the test cases cover the breadth of code base and check that all tests pass before certifying the software to be deemed fit for delivery.


Testing in a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) context: QA professionals need to test usage models, service level models and data functions. Once the development is complete, the focus should be on validating the delivery of end to end functionality.


Wireless and mobility testing: The challenges in this area abound and include the wide variety of mobile platforms, the application’s compatibility with all supported platforms, the uniqueness of each user and the variations in the last mile connectivity. A wide range of tools is available in the market and mobile application development companies augment their in house testing with QA professionals from Independent Service Vendors (ISVs) who specialize in this type of testing. In-fact some believe that Testing for the mobile platforms are so different that it makes the experienced tester feel like he is no longer a testing expert, according to an article on Dr. Dobbs by Dave Berg : You Are No Longer a Testing Expert.


To adapt to the emerging trends, QA professionals on your in-house team or your Software Outsourcing Company need to act like stakeholder representatives, understand business and customer priorities, support the development team in building better applications and work in a collaborative manner.

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