Monday 8 August 2022
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How To Have Success Outsourcing Your Software Development Projects

How To Have Success Outsourcing Your Software Development Projects

Outsourcing a software development project may seem intimidating, but it’s a great way to expand your own team’s capabilities – and handle projects that you simply don’t have the personnel to handle.

So, how can you set yourself up for success when outsourcing your software development projects? We’ve worked with numerous companies and we have a deep knowledge of how software outsourcing should be done – so we’ve put together a few quick tips that will help ensure your success. Learn more below.


1.  Know The Scope & Scale Of Your Project

First, it’s very important to understand the scope and scale of your project. What type of software are you making? What features will it have? What hardware compatibility will it require? How soon do you intend to release it?

Before you even begin looking for a software developer to outsource your project, you should have a deep understanding and knowledge of the project you’re intending to build. If you do not outline the scope and scale of your project before beginning the project, you’re likely to run into a lot of unexpected difficulties.


2.  Evaluate Your Potential Development Partners Closely

 You should evaluate any development partner or company that you’re going to work with as deeply as you would evaluate a full-time employee. In a way, that’s what you’re doing. The people you hire for your project will, essentially, be working full-time on your project until it’s been completed.

Do your due diligence. Look into the company’s history and track record. Request references, details about individual developers who will work on your project, and other such information to make sure your chosen partner is reliable and will offer good results.


3.  Look For A Past History Of Success In Similar Projects

 You should request access to a portfolio of your developer’s past projects. They should be willing to provide you with an overview of what they’ve done – and you should look for projects that are similar to yours. If you want to develop an iPhone application, for example, you’ll want to see examples of iPhone applications that the developer has made in the past.


4.  Start Small, If You Can

It’s a good idea to start your partnership with an outsourced developer with a smaller engagement, if possible. This ensures that you can learn more about their services, how they work with your team, and the quality of their work – before you sign for a major project.


 5.  Base Payment On Project Milestones

You should usually pay no more than 20-30% up front. The rest of the money for your project should be released based on 3-4 different project milestones. Tying your payments to different milestones throughout the development process will help keep you on track and ensure you meet your deadline – and it also helps ensure the end product will meet your standards.


Follow These Tips For A Successful Project

 Hopefully, these tips have made it easier for you to plan your software development project, and choose the right outsourced contractor to help you execute your plan. As long as you take your time and make sure you choose the right development partner, you’re sure to find success. So start looking for a development partner now, and keep these tips in mind.

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