Monday 8 August 2022
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Increasing ROI with Application Development Outsourcing

Increasing ROI with Application Development Outsourcing

If you spend much time at all on the Telliant website, it should be clear that we are great believers in outsourcing application development.   Many companies still are unaware of just how much money can be saved through selecting this route.  When you select the most talented development contractors, you will find that your ROI will be significantly greater.  While you are growing and evolving your business, you can avoid potential hassles and reduce your overall costs.


Finding Talent at a Fraction of the Price


During the application development process, you will hire contractors on an as-needed basis.  This is a far cry from hiring permanent employees who will require benefits, salary and more.


The alternative to outsourcing is beginning a talent search to find the right person with the correct skill level.  However, this will take time and money.  Good developers are rare commodities these days.  After all, they are needed by so many businesses.


Infrastructural Considerations


You also reduce your investment on infrastructure that you would need if you conduct your application development in-house.  For example, you will not need additional office space nor the required hardware or software to do the job.


In some cases, companies opt to train current employees to handle additional application development tasks.  However, this decision is disruptive as it takes them away from their primary day-to-day responsibilities.


Adding infrastructure can cause significant delays getting your development completed.  Even the most capable employees will need to ramp up to developing complex projects.  Ramping up your resources may take up valuable time and opportunities may be lost, affecting ROI .  Outsourcing your application development allows you to focus on your core business and other revenue boosting activities.


Circumvent Major Setbacks


The bottom line; with outsourced development, your organization will complete projects more efficiently and cost effectively.  That means that you can immediately start implementing your applications.   You can also successfully avoid technical roadblocks that novice developers may encounter.  Avoiding these types of issues could put you significantly behind schedule, and you could end up missing a valuable window of opportunity.  How much this can set your business back is difficult to quantify.  Clearly, you will lose customers who aren’t willing to wait.


Expand Your Reach


When you add applications to your portfolio you can reach out to an ever-growing number of people across the globe that are looking to use their mobile devices.  It’s essential to capture the attention of these customers who seek the convenience and speed that apps provide.


However, if it takes you forever in the development stage, your customers will switch to a competitor that can offer these capabilities.  Developing an app can take your business strategy to the next level, as you increase both your customer satisfaction levels and loyalty rates.


While you will of course, have an initial expenditure for your app development, the recurring costs will tend to be quite low.  Additionally, the financial benefits will extend over many years to come.


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