Monday 24 February 2020
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Major Trends in Cloud Applications in 2014

Major Trends in Cloud Applications in 2014

As the year 2013 unfolded, we could see the slow but sure maturing of the cloud industry and community. If there were any naysayers still left by the end of this year, the cloud revolution has all but been proven winners. Businesses are increasingly viewing the Cloud as central to its IT strategy and not just as something to react to. So as we take stock of the year we are just completing, let us take a few minutes to look out into the future and see what trends in Cloud is headed our way. This will help us be prepared and anticipate the direction the cloud technologies would head and the solutions that will likely develop.


Growth of IaaS, PaaS Based Applications

Major providers of cloud platform and infrastructure solutions such as Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, IBM SmartCloud, Google Cloud and other platforms will continue to expand its offerings and increase adoption by businesses. The Cloud platforms will continue to become more reliable, lower the cost of ownership and increase the ease of implementation in 2014. The share of software applications that are delivered from a Cloud will continue to skyrocket in the coming year as the whole Cloud eco-system matures and becomes a core strategy across the functional spectrum.


Big Data and Big Analytics

There is no argument that the proliferation of Cloud solutions are leading to amassing of data from a whole range of sources and types of data. This trend will continue to see explosive growth in the upcoming year. Hence solutions for managing, accessing and organizing the data will also continue to proliferate enormously in 2014. Analytics solutions for the cloud are still considered by many to be at early stage of evolution. In fact one recent study of 400 companies found that only 4% of them were found to be really good at analytics. So there is a huge opportunity for growth in the Cloud related analytics solutions in the upcoming year.


Cloud Security

As consumers and businesses increasingly come to rely on the cloud based solutions, ensuring the security of data and identity becomes equally critical. Unless there are clear solutions for ensuring security businesses, will not be open to leveraging public cloud for their infrastructure and platform needs. We expect there will be increasing number of unique opportunities and solutions to achieve reliable security and identity management in the cloud.


Evolution of JavaScript

Gartner predicts that through 2014, improved JavaScript performance will begin to push HTML5 and the browser as a mainstream enterprise application development environment. Gartner recommends that developers focus on creating expanded user interface models including richer voice and video that can connect people in new and different ways. JavaScript has made great strides and is expected to evolve and mature in 2014.


Mobility Anchored by Cloud

The past year saw the rapid convergence of various mobile media, with smartphones leading the way along with tablets and the web. Customers will continue to expect and demand capabilities and content available on their mobile media of choice. Whether it is serious functionalities such as

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performing banking transactions, interacting with health care providers or more convenience activities such as online shopping or entertainment, customers will expect content available via a range of device and media options. Anchoring all such mobile delivery capabilities of businesses is built around a strong Cloud architecture. This approach will continue to evolve and the Cloud strategy will become increasingly a core necessity in 2014.


The Internet of Everything

An increasing number of connected devices are entering the marketplace focusing on a variety of personal, business, industrial, health care related functions. These connected and self-aware devices referred to as internet of everything, will lead to an almost un-imaginable array of applications. From consumers monitoring their health and fitness to monitoring their homes and offices the amount of interconnectivity will lead to extraordinarily creative application opportunities. This technology is in its infancy currently and we expect this to virtually explode in 2014.



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