Wednesday 21 August 2019
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Medical Technologies to Help Transform The Patient Experience?

Medical Technologies to Help Transform The Patient Experience?

In the modern world of medicine, more money is being spent on the use of technology. From electronic record-keeping systems, to algorithm-based sorting functions and much more, the medical world is ripe for technological innovation.

Software technology upgrades can often result in faster treatments, easier billing and payment for patients and insurers, and many other benefits – including more accurate diagnoses.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the medical technologies that are helping to transform the patient experience – and what software upgrades and other technological advances are doing the most for patients. Let’s get started.

 Patient Record Access – Both in And Out Of Hospitals

One of the most important software technology upgrades that can be implemented at a hospital is an easy, online method of patient record access. While most patient records are already kept in EHR systems, not every EHR system is alike – and some make it difficult for both patients and doctors to access patient records.

More patients than ever are demanding easy access to their medical records – and this is a good thing. With the proper tools at a patient’s disposal, physicians and clinicians can have a more honest, open, and accurate conversation about their current needs and the state of their health.

Easy patient record access also increases patient satisfaction because it helps streamline the process of a referral. A patient who needs to visit an oncologist, for example, could simply request that the hospital transmit their entire medical file, including past history and treatments, to the specialized physician.

This streamlines the process of giving care, providing better overall results, and increasing patient satisfaction.

Maximizing Efficiency of Data Collection And Record-Keeping

 One of the most interesting areas of medical technology is that of Big Data analytics in hospitals. Quite a few modern medical databases and EHR systems include analytics software that makes it easy to collect, collate, and analyze patient data and records.

With the right software technology upgrades, it’s easy for a hospital to gather critical patient information, and analyze it. By doing so, hospitals and healthcare providers may be able to recognize patterns and trends in a patient’s health – compared to other patients with similar problems – and spot hidden information about each patient.

For example, the data of a new patient could be compared to that of similar patients a hospital has had in the past – to assess things like potential diagnoses, approximate estimated length of stay, and a number of other factors.

While the specifics of each case do vary quite a bit, large data sets can be an invaluable resource for learning more about a patient and their condition. Using informed, smart data analytics to assess patient health can give medical providers a clear path forward, and help with them provide a better overall level of patient care.

In turn, this results in a higher overall patient satisfaction level. Patients get the care they need quickly – and without some of the trial and error that is common in difficult cases. Utilizing both the smart insights of databases – and the diagnostic expertise of doctors, nurses, and nurse practitioners – hospitals can combine the “best of both worlds”, for faster insights better patient care.

Transform Your Patient Experience With Advanced Technology Today! 

 Simple software technology upgrades – such as upgrading an EHR to support third-party data sharing with other physician practices – can result in big boosts to patient satisfaction.

So think about your practice and your IT infrastructure today, and think about how a software upgrade may help you deliver better care, and get better patient satisfaction scores.

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