Saturday 8 May 2021
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Microsoft, AWS and Google, Partners or Competitors?

Microsoft, AWS and Google, Partners or Competitors?


Well, at this past Microsoft PASS Summit, Professional Association for SQL Server, an independent organization of which Microsoft is a founding member, tech companies have in increasingly made their technologies work together, they’ve found themselves cooperating in many areas even as they continue to compete in many others.

With AWS promoting its Relational Database Service (RDS), which offers Microsoft’s SQL Server relational database management system as one of its available engines and Google Cloud has publicly stated its ambition of becoming the leading cloud platform for big companies that run Microsoft’s Windows Server and SQL Server.

It is not remarkable to see the 3 competitors at a Microsoft based summit, as they have figured out they can and will continue to find ways to work with each other for their brand’s sake. Microsoft

Microsoft has benefited from expanding its horizons, as have AWS and Google.  With the successful launch of the SQL Server 2017 at the Microsoft Ignite conference.

Microsoft announced this week a record 500,000 trials of SQL Server 2017 in the month since its official release. The preview version of SQL Server 2017 was downloaded an estimated 2 million times prior to the official release at Microsoft’s Ignite conference in late September.

Microsoft has been undergoing many changes in their products and services and how they deliver them:  they want to expand beyond their traditional Windows footprint.  As part of its announcements at the PASS conference, Microsoft gave a preview of the new SQL Operations Studio, which the company describes as a “free, lightweight tool for modern database development and operations on Windows, Mac or Linux machines for SQL Server, Azure SQL Database, and Azure SQL Data Warehouse.”

Check out the Keynote Speaker:  Rohan Kumar on Day one of the Microsoft Pass Summit:

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