Monday 24 February 2020
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Microsoft Azure SQL Data Warehouse Update Includes Azure Active Directory Authentication

Microsoft Azure SQL Data Warehouse Update Includes Azure Active Directory Authentication

According to Redmond Magazine, the ultimate Microsoft Technology magazine:

Microsoft has updated its Azure SQL Data Warehouse service with several key new features including Azure Active Directory authentication, eased cloud migration through support for large data rows and the ability for administrators to limit transaction sizes to reduce the need for large rollbacks.

The Microsoft Azure SQL Data Warehouse lets you scale compute and storage independently based on your performance needs, so you pay for query performance only when you need it.

Top Benefits of the Microsoft Azure SQL Data Warehouse:

  1. Fully Managed, elastic and petabyte-scale columnar data warehouse
  2. Compatible and integrated with Microsoft SQL server ecosystem
  3. Providing an enterprise with a distributed database management system: storing large volumes of relational and nonrelational data

What does this service do?

The SQL Data Warehouse service enables customers to pause their usage or shut down their compute infrastructure, it cannot be accessed during the paused time. The data is fully maintained.  Customers only pay for the commodity storage used to persist the data, potentially reducing the cost of storing their enterprise data.

Customers have the opportunity to increase or decrease query power in seconds.  Paying only for cloud scale and not for dedicated fixed ratios of disk and compute.  The data warehousing costs can be easily forecasted with this new payment matrix.

Customers of all sizes across all industries can use Azure SQL Data Warehouse. Organizations with SQL Server and Transact-SQL (T-SQL) expertise may benefit from SQL Data Warehouse if they need to add nonrelational capabilities to their existing data warehouse or no longer want to manage their on-premises data warehouse.

Features to the new SQL Data Warehouse Service:

  • Using the same Microsoft SQL Server proven relational database engine, organizations can use the features they have come to rely on, including stored procedures, user-defined functions, table partitioning, indexes and collations.  The same SQL Server column store index technology and parallel processing delivers the performance organizations expect.
  • Licensing, pricing and support for Azure SQL Data Warehouse; The data warehouse service is sold directly from Microsoft, as well as its partners and service providers.

A free one-month trial of Microsoft Azure is available. By creating a free Azure account, users receive credits they can use to try out paid Azure services, including Azure SQL Data Warehouse. MSDN subscribers receive credits every month that can be used for paid Azure services.

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Microsoft Azure SQL Data Warehouse Update Includes Azure Active Directory Authentication

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