Monday 24 February 2020
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Microsoft Ignite Highlights

Microsoft Ignite Highlights

Atlanta is hosting the Microsoft Ignite Conference this week.  So far, there has not been much revealed.

There were many products that were highlighted the first day of Ignite, let’s start with the ones that will help developer’s with making better software products.

Microsoft wants to do more than just solve problems for the IT professionals it serves, the company said in connection with its Ignite 2016 conference. The company is seeking to provide opportunities for IT professionals to drive the “digital transformation” of the businesses they work with — making IT much more of a value-add than it once was. Cloud capabilities are central to that strategy, artificial intelligence and other new technologies.

Windows Server 2016 Release 

Microsoft said that Windows Server 2016 will be launching in mid-October.  Included in the new version of Windows Server are new security features, simpler virtualization upgrades and better capabilities for software-defined storage and software-defined networking, among other improvements, according to Microsoft.


Included with the new upgrade of Microsoft’s Windows Server 2016 is the commercially supported Docker Engine at no extra cost to users. During his keynote Monday, Scott Guthrie, Microsoft’s executive V.P for cloud and enterprise said “This makes it incredibly easy for developers and IT administrators to leverage container-based deployments using Windows Server 2016,”.

ignite1Education for IT Pros

Microsoft has not forgotten the education community, and said it’s launching a new online community for IT professionals, Microsoft Technical Community, which is aimed at allowing participants “to exchange ideas, build connections and share best practices about Microsoft products and solutions.” Meanwhile, Microsoft also disclosed an expansion of the Microsoft IT Pro Career Center and Microsoft IT Pro Cloud Essentials. “The announcements around education and learning are pivotal,” said Ric Opal, senior director at Oak Brook, Ill.-based SWC Technology Partners. “If you make the products to secure our customers, you still have to educate the partners on what to do with them.”

Threat Intelligence

Enhancements to the Office 365 product is important as security is becoming an integral part of software development.  Microsoft said it’s launching Office 365 Threat Intelligence, this enhancement to Office 365 security provides alerts and data on where attacks are coming from.  Most importantly this feature will also integrate with a user’s existing system for security incident event management, and let customers deploy policies that are specific to the threat.

Intelligence Sharing

The Windows Defender will be beefed up to include Advanced Threat Protection and Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection and will now share intelligence with each other. The company said that will enable IT professionals to more quickly respond to security threats in both Windows 10 and Office 365.

Office Suite Security is a High Priority

Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Sharepoint, and OneDrive for Business are included in the upgrade with the Advanced Threat Protection features. Two new features for email along will allow for more secure communications; a “dynamic delivery”  will let users receive a placeholder attachment while the actual attachment is scanned, while “URL detonation” will identify malicious URLs in real time.

AI is Everywhere even Office 365

Easily incorporating content from your organization’s documents in Word, Outlook, and other products is what Microsoft said that a new AI-powered feature is all about.  Meanwhile, Quickstarter — for PowerPoint and Sway — will offer up curated outlines that users can leverage for their presentations. And lastly, a new type of Excel chart called Maps will let users create visualizations from geographic data.

New Features (And Name) For Delve Analytics

Analytics, analytics, analytics, Microsoft said that MyAnalytics is the new name for the Delve Analytics service in Office 365.  A better understanding of what users are focused on is what the aim of Delve Analytics is.  Proving insight into better ways for users to work together. Collaboration tools with analytics!

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