Sunday 7 June 2020
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Most Innovative Exhibitors Not to Miss at HFMA19!

Most Innovative Exhibitors Not to Miss at HFMA19!

Most Innovative Exhibitors Not to Miss at HFMA19!

Next week in Sunny Orlando, healthcare executives and financial leaders will gather for the annual Healthcare Financial Management Association (HFMA) 2019 Conference to network, share ideas, and explore new ways to address challenges and complex issues facing the industry today.

There will be content-focused sessions, workshops, and speakers to help facilitate problem-solving discussions and explorations of some of the biggest topics in healthcare, as well as an enormous HFMA Central that will feature more than 300 exhibiting companies.

With so much to look forward to and so many opportunities, it can be overwhelming deciding where to even begin.

Here’s a short list of some of the most unique exhibitors that will be at HFMA that have really stood out to us here at Telliant Systems.

If you don’t have the option of seeing that at HFMA.. be sure to check out their websites!



Panacea, Inc

Panacea’s smart software empowers you to take control of the mid-revenue cycle. From chargemaster solutions to strategic pricing initiatives, our tools allow you to analyze and improve any mid-revenue cycle component, giving you the knowledge you need to make informed decisions.

At Panacea, they help healthcare organizations like yours improve your bottom line and strategic market position with front-line expertise in revenue cycle management, software, and enterprise-level educational solutions.

Panacea Inc. is a Career Step company. Career Step is an Inc. 5000 company with total revenues of $64M and over 160 employees across offices in Utah, Minnesota, and New Jersey. Career Step manages Panacea Healthcare Solutions as an independent brand and entity within the Career Step Professional Training Division.

They deliver intelligent auditing, compliance, chargemaster, strategic pricing and revenue solutions through consulting services, software and enterprise-level education.

Visit them at HFMA booth # 728




Avelead provides solid methodologies and innovative technology to make your project more efficient and economical.

Avelead has consulted with hospitals and health systems nationally to optimize clinical, financial, and operational performance through strategic project management and implementation services. They leverage their client’s current technology investments with their new systems and Avelead’s proprietary technology to improve patient safety, quality of care, procedural workflow, and overall physician satisfaction.

Whether you are ready to implement your new system or still considering which solutions are right for your facility, you can count on Avelead to help you make sense of all the available options out there and to guide you in making the right choice for your facility. They have a great team  that partner’s with client vendors or in-house IT teams to offer assessments on independent vendors, pre-sales considerations, integration and data migration services – in fact it’s one of their specialties.

Visit them at HFMA booth# 481




Improved Net Revenue and Patient Experience Start at the Front-End of the Revenue Cycle.

To empower Patient Access teams to capture revenue, financially assist patients and secure payer payment requirements using innovative technology, in-depth training, performance analytics, consulting services, best-in-class support services and industry standard best-practices.   AccuReg brings a unique predictive and preventative approach to Revenue Cycle Management. They focus on front-end revenue cycle software leverages machine-learning, predictive analytics, and intelligence-based workflows to allow staff to solve RCM problems before they start. From reducing front-end denials and rework cost to increasing POS collections, first-pass payment rate, and patient financial experience. They focus solely on the front-end where the revenue cycle starts.

Visit them at HFMA booth# Meeting Room 16



 Clinical Intelligence

Promoting optimal practice workflow through data-driven results and outstanding professional expertise. 

Clinical Intelligence (CI) is a trusted healthcare consulting company dedicated to providing unique solutions for the vastly distinctive needs of healthcare organizations. To meet these specific needs, CI offers robust, full-service healthcare consulting implemented by an expert team of former executives, physicians, analysts and actuaries who take a collaborative and flexible approach to partnership.

Founder and President Laurie Jaccard recognized that the healthcare organizations CI was partnering with did not have a meaningful way to use the tremendous amounts of raw data they were collecting. In response, CI developed ClinView® as the solution. ClinView® creates associations between datasets, graphs and variables – allowing executives to interact with the data, see different perspectives and dimensions, drill down to various levels and identify root causes to operational

Visit them at HFMA booth # 813



Avadyne Health


Avadyne Health provides a complete solution to address the needs of patients who prefer a self-service experience or the assistance of a concierge call center. As your revenue cycle services partner, our cutting-edge technologies, national presence, trained and caring staff and nearly 50 years of expertise in patient payment and financial engagement allow us to scale self-pay account resolution and bad debt recovery services for multi-hospital networks to the largest health systems in the U.S.

Vistit them at HFMA booth #663





Advicare partners with hospitals and healthcare systems to overturn clinical denials and increase cash through results-driven, proprietary methods. They have collaborative and strategic processes that allow them to identify the root causes of denials and increase insurance revenue recovery.  They excel at preventing and overturning clinical denials through the effective utilization and collaboration of clinical, legal and coding expertise.

The combination of a multi-specialty and collaborative approach,  a belief that “Data is Delicious,” and close working relationships with both their hospital clients as well as their payers, streamlines the appeal process. With engaged leadership and a commitment to process evolution, they continue to stay steps ahead of payers in the health insurance claims processing field.

Visit them at HFMA booth # 1055



Empowering the Improvement of Care by providing an evidence-based approach that leverages their exceptional clinical and technological capabilities, powerful analytics, and sensitivity to the needs of everyone involved across the healthcare continuum.
Specifically designed with the size and scale to address the complexity of today’s and tomorrow’s healthcare system, eviCore is a company committed to advancing healthcare management through intelligent care – and enabling better outcomes for patients, providers, and health plans.

Their expertise is noted  and appreciated, and they excel at applying proven talent and leading-edge technology, we harness healthcare’s evolving demand and inherent change to realize healthcare innovation and deliver improved results and a positive experience for everyone.

Visit them at HFMA booth#774




Headquartered in Mobile, AL, TruBridge brings years of expertise in delivering effective business, consulting and managed IT services created for the unique challenges faced by community healthcare providers.

Their specialties are very broad and encompass a broad range of services, from consulting and managed IT to full business process outsourcing that spans the revenue cycle from end to end. Our professionals have been helping hospitals and other healthcare institutions become more efficient at serving their communities for years.



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