Sunday 7 June 2020
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MSDN: Are you Ready for the New Features and Performance Updates of .NET Core?

MSDN:  Are you Ready for the New Features and Performance Updates of .NET Core?

.NET Core 3 will be a major milestone with tons of new features, performance updates and support for new workloads.

Last year Microsoft had already announced that .NET framework would be discontinued in favor of .NET Core, in a Visual Studio Live! Conference keynote. The first announcement of .NET Core as an open-source development stack was in 2014, but the first major release of .NET Core wouldn’t be announced until mid-2016, along with the correspondent versions of ASP .NET Core and Entity Framework Core.

Open-sourcing .NET Core was a step towards laying the foundation for a cross-platform .NET to build a stronger ecosystem. The first major version of .NET Core was focused on high-performance web and microservices. Just twelve months later, with the announcement of version 2.0, multiple APIs and components were added to facilitate the migration of web applications to .NET Core. The key takeaways included recognizing that .NET Core was an extremely stable platform suitable for new application development, providing significant performance benefits over the .NET Framework . One of the developers, Jeff Amons, said that one of the .NET Core strengths was its server-centric design model:

In this episode, Richard Lander and Scott Hunter get together to discuss some of the highlights that developers can look forward to in this new release.



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