Sunday 7 June 2020
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Practice Early Software Testing to Meet and Surpass Customer Satisfaction

Practice Early Software Testing to Meet and Surpass Customer Satisfaction

Customers buy software to solve specific problems occurring in their environment.  Often, inefficient work practices and poor time and resource management, along with user experience are at the top of the issues list because these problems reduce productivity, limit customer satisfaction and negatively impact an organization’s finances. Quality software goes a long way in curing these issues, and the only way to ensure that you deliver quality software is to begin testing from the early stages of development through implementation.  


Ensure Customer Satisfaction

Defects impair the usefulness of applications and reduce software quality.  When defects are present in software, customers often find themselves performing additional steps — also known as workarounds — to accomplish tasks.  Customers will not be pleased if they must add steps to processes that were already cumbersome.


Thus, testing early in software development is crucial. From the very beginning stages of development, perform quality assurance steps to ensure that users can interact with the system logically and with ease. The application’s functionality and its features must be useful, and safeguards to prevent unintended use must be robust.


Software developers who employ quality-as-a-service (QaaS) testing understand that opportunities to develop robust software products are improved if testing begins during the requirements phase of software development, not after lines of coding has already occurred. The issues that must be solved must be clear and the solution must be executable, consistent and verifiable. This means that software developers must check for ambiguities in statements; they also must resolve contradictory requirements, and the solution must be complete before development begins. 


Essentially, software developers must understand their customer’s needs, and then must test the planned resolution even before the first build occurs. The best software is useless if it does not solve the customers’ issues. So, testing the planned solution during the requirements stages helps put developers on the path to making sure customers are satisfied.


Eradicate Defects Early

Defects occur in every software, regardless of the level of talent employed to build these applications. And while it cannot prevent defects and bugs from occurring, software testing can ensure that these defects or bugs never reach customers.


Fixing defects near the end of a development project often mean that the developer must spend time creating additional features to accommodate functions that are reliant on other necessary features in the software. In other words, the developer might be too far down a path to turn back.  This often translates to scope creep because these additional features were not in the requirements or development plans.


Scope creep in development means that the development plan has expanded and it translates to additional time, resources and money for customers and developers. For this reason, conducting quality assurance testing early is paramount in software development.


Ensure Smoother Implementation

Change is difficult in any environment, and software implementation is often stressful. Early and continued quality assurance will guarantee a more successful implementation.  This guarantee occurs only if test cases of every possible scenario have been exhausted.  With every iteration of development, testing must occur to ensure that the software operates as expected and that each module works smoothly in coordination with the other modules.  If the software breaks down, finding the cause early lends opportunity for solid fixes rather than quick fixes that must be revisited later or after implementation. 


Early testing gives you time to plan, and test, solutions to issues and allows you to deliver software that meets and surpasses the customer’s expectations.

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