Saturday 17 April 2021
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Ready for Augmented Reality Technology?

Ready for Augmented Reality Technology?

Chatbots or VR/AR which strategy is best for our business?  

Chatbots may be what retail technology experts may be counting on to help to communicate with customers, but the more than 54% of customer who like the technology and want to use it want more than is offered using chatbot tech.  They want their problems solved effectively with  full customer service help.

Unfortunately, at this time, this technology is not evolved enough to take on those essential tasks.

Even though chatbots are very popular with consumers, virtual and augmented reality rank higher in consumer awareness and interest.  What is Augmented reality (AR)?  and why is it quickly becoming the “now” technology?  With more people shopping online, this technology is useful to see how new items will look in their home before purchasing without having to physically touch and see.

This technology requires a solid strategy to implement

What is stopping more retailers from implementing AR/VR if consumers are looking for it? Yes, it will take some budgeting and planning to implement this technology.  Any new technology strategy will include pre-investment and the ability to find the right use for it.  AR and Virtual Reality (AR)are the new trends to help peak interest and shape how consumers make decisions.

Some will say that AR is for shoppers.. helping them interact with products to see how they will fit into their environment.  VR is for business, helping business teach how in a totally immersive environment that is completely controlled with the inputs of the technology.  There is not outside interaction.

Virtual reality will have definite impact with consumers and testing out consumer acceptance of goods and services.  Currently, it does not have the same type of consumer acceptance that AR has for selling goods.  Teaching how to use products and how to do DIY projects  will be a great benefit of VR technologies.  For example, some home improvement companies are exploring ways to teach consumers how to lay tile and wire light switches. This will continue to help with sales because if the consumer can become confident in their ability to DIY, they will buy the products to do the improvement.

Augmented reality will continue to grow into more areas.  Being able to see how clothing fits on the consumer’s body and how a piece of furniture will look in their living room is just the beginning of the benefits of this technology.  Some companies are already exploring their AR technology make-up application and trying on watches to make them feel more comfortable about their purchases.

The Technology behind AR and VR

What is the technology behind AR and VR, how does it work?  Well, Augmented Reality enriches the real world with digital information and media such as 3D models and videos.  Using real time camera view from your smart phone, PC or digitally connected glasses/goggles  and overlaying objects onto this view is basically what is does.  Augmented Reality helps by turning your environment into a digital interface by placing virtual objects into the real world in real time.

How does it make this digital interface?  There are basic hardware components:  A processor, display, sensors and input devices such as smartphones, Pc’s, or digital glasses. It is important to have high quality cameras for input and the software applications within your current business ecosystem to stitch it all together.

Having a software technology partner to help sift through the myriad of augmented and virtual reality options helps to make sure your investments into this technology are not wasted.  Integration into your existing products and applications is key to increasing your customers and ROI on these technology investments.

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