Thursday 23 September 2021
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So, You Don’t Think You Need to Upgrade your Enterprise Software Products?

So, You Don’t Think You Need to Upgrade your Enterprise Software Products?

You would think that the people who are in the “Know” would upgrade their software as often as they can.  This is not the case. Software security experts that are tasked with ensuring that the enterprise is safe and secure tend to fail at this important task. 

You would be surprised to know that it is in upwards of 40% of security administrators that don’t prioritize updating their software tools or the software they are responsible for. So it should not be a big surprise that the enterprise applications that you rely on everyday to run your business or that are core applications within you company are not upgraded as often as they should be.   

Due to this reluctance to upgrade, allows for ransomware attacks to happen more often.  Planning for and executing a strategy for enterprise product upgrades will diminish the opportunities for your business to be held ransom.  We are not here to instill fear, there are actually some great benefits to designing and planning to upgrade your enterprise software products  One major benefit is that there are bugs that you didn’t even realize were slowing you down will be fixed and new market expanding features can be added.

Here are the top 5 reasons why you should have a strategy

to upgrade your enterprise software products


1. Personal Data Is at Risk

As more and more of our everyday business is done online, we end up placing our most sensitive financial data up for grabs from nefarious hackers. Thankfully, you have hired a core team of software developers who’s job is to stay one step ahead of the hackers.  If not, then you can hire a team to do just that for you. 

Computers at most companies are often networked together and even with loose security measures, they can all be put at risk by the right virus.  

Hackers can get ahold of personal information or important corporate or government data and hold people hostage for it. Each time a major virus is released, software developers scramble to fix that problem. Staying on top your enterprise application upgrades will keep you at the front of the pack, safe and secure.

2. Cyber Attacks are on the Rise

A week doesn’t go by without us hearing about another major news story about a ransomware attack that’s affected a huge system. Unfortunately, there are just as many talented programmers as there are hackers who know the common mistakes that programmers will make.

The longer a piece of software is out, the longer hackers have to find bugs and issues to exploit. This can allow hackers to worm their way into your system without you even knowing. Often, the exploitable entry points are easy to find. 

Software companies then release a new version of their software to address these security issues.

The balance between hackers and software programmers is an endless cycle of cat and mouse. Unfortunately, our personal data often hangs in the balance.


3. You Might Not Be Updating Your Software Products Often enough

This is an extremely serious issue as it signals that cybercriminals could gain access to your machine and wander around the network without being noticed. Always ensure you are upgrading your enterprise software products.  The easiest way that a hacker can get in is through a bug on a piece of old software code.


4. Malware Passes Like a Virus

As technology advances, viruses are not passing through commercial email services like Gmail and Yahoo the way they used to in the past. However, they can be passed through smaller networks like a work email server or a local network.

Employees do not always know that their USB drive contains a virus and can affect the entire network by simply plugging into to their machine that is linked to the whole network which spreads the infection.

Having your team make the necessary software upgrades can help you avoid this issue.

5. New Features

While security is a major reason to upgrade software products and can’t be overstated, there are some cool benefits to software updates. Often you’ll see improved functionality and increased ease of use.

Since the user is the center of the developer’s universe, they want to make your experience better with every release. You’ll find user experience and user interaction will improve with most new software releases.

When upgrades are completed regularly there may be a plethora of benefits the user can experience.  Next time your team makes an update live you can increase your chances of buy in by sharing the cool new and improved features that either your users didn’t expect or solve a problem users didn’t realize could be fixed.

There is a lot to enjoy when a great developer releases a new version of just about any software.

Enterprise Software Product Upgrades Are Good for Your Entire Company

There are so many important reasons to upgrade your software. If you find the performance fo the applications degrading or if you find your market share reducing, it might be past time for your to consider a software upgrade.

If you’re ready for an upgrade but not sure where to start, contact us for more information.

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