Monday 8 August 2022
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Streaming Media Dashboard Development

Streaming Media Dashboard Development

Do you want to do more with your Streaming Media Development?

Make sure the dashboards are the best user experience!

This is the Case Study for you!

The Client
The client is an innovative wearable video and software company that is improving the way people
record, store and recall life’s unique memories through its true POV wearable video camera. The client
provides users with the ability to capture, store and live-stream memories using their secure and
scalable proprietary cloud-based platform.

The Business Challenge

As amateur videography continues to grow, the technology and the methods to capture and store video
is ever-changing. Wearable cameras are becoming the norm to record the distinct moments in our lives.
The client, a wearable video device and software company is breaking new ground with new methods
for capturing, storing, viewing and sharing personal videos.

This technology driven client is creating new techniques to encode video to record, store and retrieve it
in the most efficient manner. Their highly intuitive platform is easy to integrate with their company’s
companion products with a comprehensive strategy to develop integrations with other popular products
and media platforms.

The client was looking for a partner to develop the product administration portal for their latest update
to their software platform. The proposed administrative interface and dashboards required a high-level,
security enhanced portal that allows access to view and control user activity data and manage
user-uploaded content. It was essential for their product to have the ability to fetch data from a
REST API based server to integrate into their application. The client was also interested in making
all aspects of the application highly scalable due to the expected large volume of users and data traffic.

The client was seeking a development partner that could leverage the latest UI/UX technology and tools
to deliver an innovative application that would enhance their product and increase their
marketshare.To increase admin and user performance to their feature-rich media product, the Telliant
team researched the latest streaming media technologies to ensure performance and scalability.

Telliant was chosen by the client for the following reasons:

  • Strong expertise in video streaming technologies used for this application
  • Clear demonstration of knowledge and experience needed to satisfy client requirements
  • Solid skills for implementing the latest front-end UI/UX technologies
  • Global delivery model that reduces time to market and lowers cost of product development
    Agile methodology and process driven approach that result in a highly responsive delivery model
  • Access to a flexible and scalable pool of technically skilled resource

The Engagement

Telliant was selected to make ongoing enhancements to the product administration portal application.
At the time of initial engagement, the client’s consumer facing product had not been publicly released.
Telliant’s team helped to enhance their administration portal application on a very tight schedule to
meet their deadline. The client leveraged the Telliant team to augment their in-house development
team speeding up their time-line and providing an enhanced feature-rich solution.

The scope of services provided by Telliant included the following:

  • Assembling a dedicated team of development and QA engineers
  • Gathering the functional and technical specifications for the web portal application
  • Developing and executing a detailed project plan with a detailed delivery schedule
  • Executing the development plan providing regular status updates through Slack and Skype
    Developing required graphical UI/UX elements to meet the usability and appearance
  • Continuous unit testing meeting requirement objectives and defect-free application

Solution Highlights

The client’s social media platform features the latest innovations to ensure their products can capture a
large segment of their market. Telliant’s team was instrumental in the creation of the administration
portal of their innovative product. The client’s requirements for the web portal application included
session management with security-enhanced authentication, authorization and integrated data-retrieval
capabilities. Some of the highlights of the solutions provided by Telliant are below.

High-Level authentication features were created:

With the use of Java Server Pages (JSP) the Telliant team enhanced the session management controls of the admin portal. The JSP programming environment provides the ability of parallel development of web applications. This parallel development increased the development team’s ability to handle implicit/ global exception handling mechanisms, custom tags development and automatic page compilation

  • Use of JSP enhances the security authentication and high-level authorization for accessing the
    applications admin portal controls.
  • Additional security control features were developed to block access to the entire application to
    users who enter incorrect credentials.

The interactive dashboard was enhanced to include real-time updates of user data.

A fetch-data feature was integrated into the application using JQuery from the REST API and AJAX
controls. AJAX has become the go-to technology for social networking websites.

In this case, Telliant used AJAX to enhance the capabilities of the locator features of the client’s social
media platform. JQuery was used in combination with AJAX to develop efficient security scripts.

Interactive dashboard included the following information:

  • Total users and total devices counts displayed using an interactive pie-chart
  • HighChart JS and JQuery plugin is used for plotting pie-charts
  • Listing of: videos uploaded, videos with tags, and videos with face detection data
  • Listing the top 3 users based on videos uploaded count
  • Enhanced admin portal options for filtering all dashboard information

User details & listings

  • Registered user data are listed in grid
  • Admin portal allows for search based on user data and keywords or filters
  • Admin portal with advanced sort options or advanced navigation across pages
  • Full detail of selected users
  • Advanced admin portal capabilities including: viewing, suspending/unsuspending of users,
    change storage settings, deleting user videos, changing privacy settings and communication with
  • Listing to include: full details of uploaded user videos

Admin privilege

  • Created Beta Access Codes
  • Admin portal can search beta code based on keywords or filter beta code using date range
  • Admin portal can sort beta code based on selected column or can navigate across pages to view
    all records
  • Admin portal can create beta code by providing required information


The client realized the following benefits partnering with Telliant:

  • Building an admin portal product with the latest security measures that was rich in functionality,
    high-performance and easy to manage
  • Enhancing previously developed REST API services which contain all needed data and add it
    after integrating into application
  • Developing Responsive Web Design application to be accessed across multiple environments and
  • To learn more about how we can help you achieve your goals in the ever-evolving world of IT and
    innovation, please visit


Telliant was responsible for identifying and implementing the most appropriate and latest technology to meet the performance, cost and usability objectives set by the client.

Major Technologies used:

JSP,  JQuery,  JavaScript, HTML5,   CSS3,  Bootstrap,  AJAX,  JSON,  C#,  ASP.Net,   VB.Net,  Rest API

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