Saturday 8 May 2021
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The Synergies of Technology Cross Industry Lines

The Synergies of Technology Cross Industry Lines

There are technology trends in every industry. There are technologies specific to each, but what is very interesting are the synergies.

Technology Trends being sought after in most industries?

  • Data and analytics and the benefits they provide
  • Connected machines — the primary components of the Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Security of Intellectual property and digital ecosystem
  • Digitization of enterprise applications
  • Utilizing the Cloud for manufacturing products


The big data and analytics trend is not the future it is the present.  The data is there, but being able to compile it and analyze it to make the most of it will be worth much.  Reshaping the competitive environment is what implementing big data in most industries.  In the past 12 months most industries have begun to implement an analytics strategy, and another quarter plan to implement one.



IoT is creeping into every area of IT.  From manufacturing to Healthcare to financial services, implementation or plan to implement and internet of things strategy will be necessary soon.  With benefits that include product quality to cost reduction and increases in marketshare.



Risk mitigation is the major benefit of cybersecurity improvements.  Continuous improvements with application development will benefit the enterprise development.

Technology investments and the digitization of applications and their products are strategies that can no longer be ignored in every industry.  Many industry trends listings show that industries across the board are looking to improved technologies to provide growth in sales by providing new ways to reach and engage customers.  Technologies will increase profits by improving productivity and monitoring workflow.


Cloud development is the best way to using platform software development and infrastructure as a service in order to customize their IT environment for maximum flexibility and to reduce costs



Moving forward with these trends will be critical to the success of your business.  Telliant Systems has the skills to help you move your strategy forward.  Your success is how we measure our success.

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