Wednesday 6 July 2022
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Telliant Systems Launches Their Center of Excellence for Salesforce Services

Telliant Systems Launches Their Center of Excellence for Salesforce Services

Telliant Systems is excited to announce the creation of a Center of Excellence for Salesforce Services. Customers can rely on Telliant’s expertise in Salesforce implementation, data migration, administration, customization, and integrations.


Alpharetta, GA—April 3, 2019 – Telliant Systems, a leading global provider of enterprise software services with a focus on helping companies design, create and test their software products and services, announces the expanded services through their Center of Excellence for Salesforce platform services.  As part of their expanded solutions services for enterprise clients, the Salesforce service offerings will  help enterprise clients leverage their investments in the Salesforce platform and find new ways to reach and serve their clients.


Creating a Salesforce Expertise Team


Leveraging Telliant Systems’ enterprise grade software development skill-set, our Salesforce capabilities are developed for businesses that need their enterprise-quality business applications and collaboration services to work on a single, unified solution and user experience. Telliant Systems is a leader in cloud integration services.  Our cloud services include Salesforce multi tenant architecture improvements, agile development, and implementations. We partner with clients for customization, integrations, migrations, appication development, platform-based application modernization, and support services on the entire Salesforce unified architechture continum including, Sales Cloud®, Marketing Cloud®, Lightning®, Salesforce Mobile®, Salesforce CPQ, Analytics Cloud®, Salesforce Einstein AI®, and AppExchange® technologies.


Enhancing our client’s ability to engage, collaborate and share


For greater growth and increased profitability, we assist our clients with enhanced collaboration for employees, customers and their partners.  This can only happen when engagement, collaboration and sharing is agile  and responsive to users’ needs. The Salesforce teams at Telliant will customize and integrate the processes you need and scale to meet emerging business requirements.


“We’re excited to bring these incredible services capabilities to our clients. We have spent considerable time building the best Salesforce services team that understands relationships between people and companies through business contact and activity data capture. Being able to utilize all that information into systems of record, such as CRM, marketing automation, business intelligence and customer success platforms to make them smarter,” said Seth Narayanan, founder and CEO Telliant Systems. “Our dedicated Salesforce teams not only assist with integrating all the pieces of the Salesforce platform but also customizing your Salesforce apps to deliver real-time insights, next best actions and predictive intelligence to reps, managers and even C-Suite of large enterprises.”


Since its founding, Telliant Systems, a Microsoft Gold Partner in Application Development, has collaborated with software makers globally.  Telliant’s customers are comprised of organizations from many industries, such as healthcare, financial/banking, training/HR, insurance, retail, transportation, and government.  Telliant offers dedicated project teams, turn key projects with hybrid engagement, and delivery models that are customized to suit the diverse needs of our global clients.


About Telliant

Telliant Systems, based in Alpharetta, GA, provides a full range of services to customers in North America and across the globe.  Telliant offers a diverse selection of custom software development services, such as application development, software testing, performance analysis, and software tuning.  Telliant Systems’ services are available for a variety of software platforms, including Microsoft.NET Development and Java/2EE, utilizing a range of open source technologies such as Linux, PHP, MySQL.  Expert teams are available for development on mobile platforms including iOS and Android development and every platform in between.  Telliant clients benefit from working with a multi-disciplined team of professionals with a proven track record of delivering results.

More information on Telliant Systems’ services is available at  Telliant Systems operates through a state-of-the-art application development centers located in Alpharetta, GA and Chennai, India.

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