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Telliant Systems Presents White Paper on Lean Software Development

Telliant Systems Presents White Paper on Lean Software Development

Johns Creek—January 31, 2013 — Telliant Systems, a custom software Development company announced today the release of their latest analysis: “Applying Lean Principles to Software Product Development”—a whitepaper providing insight into the benefits of using Lean Principles in software development.


This examination of the Lean Principles is the latest one in a series of white papers that will showcase the benefits from this and other methodologies that leverage software engineering concepts and practices.  The software development industry’s adoption of Lean Software Development Principles is accelerating with the increasing need to make software more scalable and efficient while keeping costs low.  At the heart of Lean software development principles you will find several overwhelming benefits:


  • Reduction in costs through waste elimination, by compressing the time table
  • Reduced testing cycles with testing conducted early in the development lifecycle
  • Continuous process Improvement leading to a reduction of defects identified early
  • Increased flexibility with the changing requirements


“Using Lean Principles allows us to build customer relationships with the client/partner teams working closely together.” stated Seth Narayanan, CEO of Telliant Systems. “I believe that using Lean Principles in our software development is a paramount to our mission to deliver the highest quality of service with a significant cost advantage.”


This white paper offers a close examination of efficiencies that come from the use of Lean Principles in software development.  Lean Principles which have been used in manufacturing for many years with great success. Only recently have software development companies began to embrace methodologies such as Lean and Agile that stress waste elimination and continuous process improvement throughout the development life cycle, including the client in more phases of development with a positive impact on the bottom line.


Please go to and download our new white paper and see why we are your best choice in custom software development.

About Telliant Systems

Telliant Systems based in Johns Creek, GA offers a full range of services to customers in North America and across the globe. Telliant offers a diverse selection of software development services, such as application development, software testing and performance analysis, and software tuning. Telliant Systems’ services are available for a variety of software platforms, including Java/J2EE and Microsoft.NET utilizing a range of open source technologies like Linux, PHP, MySQL, and mobile platforms in including iPhone development and Android development.

More information on Telliant Systems’ services is available at Telliant Systems operates through a state-of-the-art offshore application development center located in Chennai, India. Telliant Systems only employs experienced, talented software professionals that are leaders in their industry.

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