Saturday 17 April 2021
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The “Value Proposition” of Software Development and Services

The “Value Proposition” of Software Development and Services

Precision allows development teams to thrive and flourish. Development teams need to set and follow specific requirements to write clean, quality code. They also need to come up with tests that will help identify flaws or inefficiencies in code. However, many development managers are failing to take value into consideration when developing software. Unfortunately, this is causing development teams to create software that adds little to no value for the business. Here is some information about why and how software development needs to be concerned about producing value.

The “Value Proposition” of Software Development and Services

More than ever before, businesses are evaluating their IT processes to discern if the work they’re doing is producing value for the business. It is not sufficient to create an excellent, well-designed application. At the end of the day, if people aren’t actually using the application or if users stop using it after a certain point, then the application is not delivering value as intended.

One question that many development managers have is what is the best way to determine whether the work a team is doing is going to add value. This is where the value stream comes into play. Organizations can create a value stream to understand how their processes and software deliver business value.

Due to how complex modern application development is, visibility into the entire system and process is essential. DevOps and Agile allow organizations to deploy and deliver software faster than ever before. Placing metrics on top allows development managers to determine whether each version is delivering value. However, since “value stream” is a relatively new term, many organizations are trying to get a understanding of this concept.

Measurement and Evaluation Help to Understand if You Are on the Right Track! 

Overall, a value stream involves the measurement and evaluation of all the end-to-end tasks involved in pushing software to the market. The main goal of a value stream is to help development teams create value during the software development process to please customers and benefit the business.

Not only does a value stream require a change in processes, but it also requires a change in thinking. Currently, the thinking of most organizations does not coincide with a value stream. These organizations often opt to use Agile or DevOps and take a local approach when it comes to business. This local approach helps parts of the value stream go faster. However, it doesn’t consider the result and the overall process. Many organizations mistakenly allocate resources to the wrong places due to this approach.

It is essential that organizations are able to spell out exactly what they want in terms of change. However, in many cases, this is not something that can be done well internally. For many organizations, the best solution is to bring in an outside agent to effect change.

The Customer is What This is All About! 

When talking about the value stream, many people focus a lot on the value a customer receives at the end of the day and tying that value to the business. While this is evidently critical and probably the best place to start, it is important to emphasize that value should be relevant throughout the whole organization. Even at the lower levels, it is important to understand better what is going on and focus on adding value to all processes, no matter how seemingly miniscule.

Undoubtedly, many organizations are beginning to recognize the importance of making processes more value-oriented. For more information about the importance of emphasizing value during software development, don’t hesitate to ask us.

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