Thursday 23 September 2021
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Top Reasons you Need to have a Mobile-First Strategy for your Business

Top Reasons you Need to have a Mobile-First Strategy for your Business

Wondering why your business should focus on mobile apps and mobile software development? In this article, we’ll discuss 5 of the reasons that you should focus on mobile apps and developing mobile-friendly software – read on, and learn everything that you need to know.


Mobile Devices Are Always Available 24/7

 Unlike a laptop or a desktop computer, your customers are likely within arm’s reach of their smartphone 24/7. Our phones go everywhere with us – so we always have access to them. By taking advantage of the mobility and portability of modern smartphones, you can put your business within reach of your customers at all times with a mobile app and or mobile-friendly website.


There Is More Mobile Traffic Compared To Desktop Traffic

 One of the biggest reasons that you should focus on mobile apps and mobile software development is that there is more mobile web traffic compared to desktop traffic – and as the years go by, the share of mobile vs. desktop traffic continues to increase. In 2018, the overall share of mobile traffic was 58%, compared to just 42% for desktop/laptop-based web browsers.


Smartphones offer a more convenient, readily-available way to browse the internet, look up answers to questions, purchase items and more – making them a great way for your business to connect with customers.


Mobile-Optimized Apps & Websites Are Great For Sharing Content

Another key benefit of mobile apps and mobile software development/mobile website design is that you can optimize your apps or website to help users share content more easily. In just a single tap, users can share your content, products, and information via text message, email, social networks like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, and so much more. This makes it easy for you to reach a wider audience.


Customers Expect An Optimized, Mobile-Friendly Experience

Your customers have come to expect a good mobile app or website – because many of your competitors will already be using a mobile-first design approach. If you do not provide them with a good mobile browsing experience, they’re likely to leave your website – and never come back. For example, 46% of customers surveyed by Google said they would “never buy from a company again” if they had an “interruptive mobile experience.”


Better Mobile Apps & Mobile Websites Lead To Higher Profits

Due to all of the above benefits and more, mobile websites and mobile apps lead to higher profits for your company. By increasing web traffic, conversion rates, click-through rates and other such things with a mobile-first app or website, your business can become more profitable and competitive.


Adopt A Mobile-Forward Approach Today – Or Risk Getting Left Behind!

For all of the above reasons, it’s a good idea to focus on mobile apps and mobile software development if you are not doing so already. As time goes on, mobile devices will only become more common – so start investing in this area of your business today, and you’ll be rewarded.

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