Tuesday 1 December 2020
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U.S. Govt Sees the Benefits of Cloud Use, Why Don’t YOU?

U.S. Govt Sees the Benefits of Cloud Use, Why Don’t YOU?

Most Businesses know their applications will benefit from the use of Cloud. The trick is the how and when.


The United States Federal Government has been struggling with this knowledge too. With the terrible deployment of the site and all that it entails, you would think that they would shy away from cloud. No.. they are not..infact they are having much more success since they began to use Amazon Web Services (AWS). AWS, one of the premier cloud services groups for large scale applications, is helping the CMS and now other departments to secure, stabilize and fully deploy their applications with little or not issues.


According to an article posted on tech’s success on AWS inspires Federal Cloud Use   the article explains why they believe the stability of AWS has helped the terribly launched CMS healthcare .gov website to make it the much more reliable system it needed to be.


The CMS movement to the Amazon has enabled the CMS to build a plaform as a service which uses AWS APIs to build systems in an automated and repeatable fashion, folding their system requirments in at the Virtural Private Cloud and EC2 level as resources are provisioned.


This Technology shift has also shed light on the Department of Homeland Security who moved to a DevOps pipeline for creating and testing the applications on AWS to ensure their back-end infrastructure is solid.  Deploy time for their applications have been shortened to easy daily activities.


Although, many government agencies have seen the light, with the use of Cloud infrastructure, many have not.


This type of strategy takes planning if your business is still utilizing legacy applications.  The patch-work of applications that are being used to make your business seem like it is in the cloud may be taking resources and time and attention away from your core business.. Move to cloud!  It’s worth it.


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