Friday 29 May 2020
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What are the Benefits of Moving Your Enterprise Applications to the Cloud Now and Not Waiting

What are the Benefits of Moving Your Enterprise Applications to the Cloud Now and Not Waiting

Cloud technology has shifted from cutting edge tech to industry standard — which means companies that have been waiting to adopt this technology may need to hustle a little to keep up with the pack. Last year more than half of the businesses in America used cloud computing, and this number is rapidly increasing. Those who fail to adopt may just get left behind.

Companies Can Save Money through Cloud Applications

Why are so many companies moving towards the cloud? Mostly because it saves them money. Cloud applications are agile, both able to reduce administrative costs and able to scale based on the company’s needs. Moreover, a company does not need to maintain expensive on-premise equipment when they use a cloud solution, and tech support and other related tech costs are usually very low. The earlier a company switches to the cloud platform, the less it needs to invest in on-premise hardware — the costs of which can be considerable.

Legacy Programs Are Largely Being Discontinued

On-premise solutions are increasingly being discontinued as companies shift over to cloud-only service offerings. Eventually, a company may find that they simply don’t have any other option except to upgrade to a cloud application. Thus, a company can take control over the situation by moving to the cloud on their own schedule — rather than being forced to do so because their current software has become obsolete. This also allows the company to train their staff on the new software solutions at their own pace, rather than having to abruptly switch over.

Cloud Technology Offers a Company Room to Grow

One of the major benefits to the cloud platform is how scalable, extensible and flexible it is. A cloud platform can grow with a company quite easily. Companies that are interested in aggressive growth or even just stable, organic growth will find that cloud technology will more easily grow with them than an on-premise solution. Companies would likely spend more money on upgrade cycles for on-premise solutions than they would simply transitioning to a cloud solution early on.

The Competition Is Already There

If a company is not on the cloud, it’s already at a disadvantage — up to 60% of its competitors are likely to have the increased productivity, efficiency and scalability that the cloud provides. Being unable to utilize the best software solution will handicap the company. Further, the longer the company waits to adopt, the more of a head start their competition will have.

Cloud Solutions Aren’t Going Anywhere

Some companies may have been hesitant to move to the cloud because they thought of it as a trend or as an unproven technology. The past two years have made it very clear that the cloud is not going away. For most companies, it isn’t a matter of if they are going to choose the cloud, but instead when.

Companies simply cannot afford to ignore the enterprise cloud any longer; their competitors are already adopting or have adopted these solutions. Thankfully, moving to the cloud is also much simpler than it used to be, and there are more enterprise-level solutions than ever before. Companies interested in maintaining some on-premise hardware throughout their transition can also set up hybrid solutions which offer the best of both worlds.

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