Sunday 7 June 2020
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What is Value Stream Mapping, and Why is it Important in DevOps?

What is Value Stream Mapping, and Why is it Important in DevOps?

Continuous improvement and delivery (CI/CD) are at the heart of the DevOps development methodology – but many of today’s tools do not provide enough automation, integration and visibility throughout the entire, end-to-end product lifecycle.

So, what’s the answer? Value stream mapping. With value stream mapping, project managers can gain valuable insights throughout the entire, end-to-end product development process. Read on and learn more about value stream mapping – and why it’s such an important and helpful methodology for DevOps professionals.


What Is Value Stream Mapping? Understanding The Basics

 Value stream mapping is a lean production methodology that is designed to help project managers visualize every step of the workflow and production process for any product – including software.

A value stream map is designed to display all of the important steps of your work process – and outline every step required to deliver value, from start to finish. This allows you to visualize every task that your team is working on, and provides you with an easy-to-understand status report about the progress of individual assignments.

Essentially, the purpose of a value stream map is to show places where you can improve your process – by visualizing both value-adding and wasteful steps.

By outlining every step of your workflow and evaluating the way in which it provides value to your customer, you can gain insights that will allow you to make changes and improve your workflows. You can also eliminate stumbling blocks, obstacles and unnecessary steps that can impede your team’s efficiency.


Why Is Value Stream Mapping Important In DevOps?

 So, we’ve discussed the basics of value stream mapping. But why is it important in DevOps? Why does it matter? Here are a few of the reasons that it’s important – and useful – for DevOps project management.

 Provides you with a big-picture view – A value stream map lets you get an at-a-glance, one-page overview of your project, which can be very helpful for complex software development projects. You can quickly begin assessing the value of each step – and track the success of the project.


  • Simplifies decision-making – A value stream map lets you simplify the process of decision-making, because every decision boils down to this – is this particular part of the project adding value, or creating waste? If it’s adding value, you can begin thinking of ways to make it more efficient – and if it’s creating waste, you can think of alternatives to the step which will add value, instead.
  • Enables project-wide continuous feedback – The most valuable aspect of value stream mapping is that it allows project-wide continuous feedback from end-to-end – from project brainstorming to IT, product development, testing and QA, and more. It can be used to map every step of your project, and help you gain valuable business insights.

For these reasons (and quite a few more), value stream mapping is an exceptionally powerful tool for DevOps. Want to get started? Learn the basics of creating value stream maps here.


Adopt Value Stream Mapping In Your Organization – And See The Benefits Today!

With value stream mapping, you can enhance the efficiency of every stakeholder in your DevOps development process – and quickly learn how you can add more value to your products, and avoid wasting time on things that do not add value. So give value stream mapping a try today, and see how it can benefit your business!

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