Wednesday 23 September 2020
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What Will the Trends & Drivers be for Software Products In 2020? Find Out!

What Will the Trends & Drivers be for Software Products In 2020? Find Out!

Wondering what software technologies and software development trends are going to become even more popular – and make it easier to develop software products in 2020 and beyond? In this article, we’ll discuss a few predictions for 2020.


The Continued Dominance of AI (Artificial Intelligence)

 As AI technology continues to be refined and improved, the market for AI and machine learning (ML) products and services continues to grow. This is definitely one of the most important software development trends to keep an eye on.


How much will AI grow? It’s been estimated that the global AI software market will increase to $14.7 billion in 2020 – which is a 154% year-over-year increase. AI isn’t just a “flash-in-the-pan” trend – it’s here to stay. From chatbots to automated algorithms that sort through databases, AI will continue to be very important in software development in 2020 – and the foreseeable future.


More Demand for IoT (Internet of Things)

 The demand for IoT (Internet of Things) devices continues to grow as wireless networks expand worldwide – particularly 5G, which we’ll discuss in a moment. IoT devices are everywhere – from home thermostats to wireless doorbells, tracking devices used for trucking and freight logistics and much more.


By 2021, the IoT industry is anticipated to reach $521 billion. And as IoT devices continue to surge in demand, so will the demand for the software applications and systems that allow them to function properly.


5G Expansion Throughout the World

 5G is the next generation of mobile wireless networks, and it will bring features like much faster upload/download speeds, lower latency, and more reliable wireless connections – as well as specialized architecture for low-power IoT devices and much more.


In 2020, 5G will start to become more available to the general public. Major telecommunications companies like Verizon and AT&T have pledged to begin releasing 5G networks in 2020.  and as it rolls out, it will begin powering innovations like self-driving cars, smart cities, traffic systems and so much more.


Outsourcing with a Focus on User Experience (UX)

 In 2020, it’s been predicted that user experience (UX) will outweigh both price and product as a key product differentiator. Software developers must also recognize this trend – when outsourcing development and working with third parties, they must work with companies that focus on designing a great user experience above all else.


Increased Adoption of PWAs (Progressive Web Apps)


Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) are the natural successor to mobile websites. They look, function and feel similar to a native mobile app – but do not require any download or installation of a new app. Since the majority of people don’t download new apps, PWAs are a great way to provide a better user experience without the added inconvenience of downloading and installing a new app for a website or service.


Understand These Trends – and Prepare for Them In 2020 And Beyond!

If you work for a company that develops software technologies, you’ll definitely want to make sure you understand these software development trends – and how they will affect your business in the future. Take another look and do some more research – and make sure you’re prepared for the future!

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