Saturday 8 May 2021
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What’s New for Azure Mobile Services & AngularJS?

What’s New for Azure Mobile Services & AngularJS?

Since July of 2014 and before people have tried to get Azure Mobile and AngularJs to play well.

In a post on Codeplex:  by David McWee :

This project provides an AngularJS Service that wraps the Azure Mobile Services. While developing I found issues trying to tie to the Azure Mobile Services especially around where updates were made and the UI would fail to refresh. Over development time I have worked to make this class more generic and to incorporate more advanced Azure Mobile Service features.

Well.. This year there have been much progress on this front.. As AngularJs is a great framework for building JavaScript applications for both Web and Mobile.

It’s very powerful, but it does come with a bit of learning curve, according to Jonathan Miller in his post on on August of this year.

He has done extensive research on issues and found that learning the client-side features such as forms, routing and validation are great.

But, he stresses that the client-side of things usually overshadow back-end concerns. All the learning resources, including blogs, books (really books, probably online), and vids on the internet do not address all the learning requirements.

So.. what to do?

The Angular $httpBackend service is a great way to build fakes for testing!  But, the downside is that is is NOT meant for persisting data for production applications.

There are other resources to look to for help:  A great open source resource is called:  deployed  ( .  It’s great for modeling and testing REST APIs.

But, the problem is that you have to host and manage a server on the internet for the AngularJS application to use.

The Git hubs are full of people who are having the same challenges as we are.. they are full of suggestions for helping this alliance work.

An AngularJS service to interact with the Azure Mobile Service Client

Azure Mobile & Angular Services

Fiind Modules for AngularJS

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