Wednesday 6 July 2022
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When Is the Right Time to Scale My Software Product?

When Is the Right Time to Scale My Software Product?

If you work in enterprise software development and you have a successful software product that’s beginning to take off and gain traction, you may be wondering when you should start seriously scaling your product.

When should you grow your team and your infrastructure? Is bigger always better? Is it time to start focusing on acquiring new customers and growing? In this article, we’ll discuss a few common pitfalls about scaling your software products – and give you some tips that will ensure that you start scaling at the right time.


The Top 3 “Don’ts” Of Software Scaling – Avoid These Common Pitfalls!

First, let’s discuss a few of the common problems that are common among companies that have a successful software product, and then decide to begin scaling up rapidly.

  • Don’t let the competition dictate your actions – This is one of the most common reasons that entrepreneurs begin scaling their software products. You see that the competition is making big marketing investments, scaling up, and preparing to gain a larger market share – so you should start doing the same thing, right?Not quite. Trying to keep up with the competition is all well-and-good, but if you try to scale up before you’re ready just to beat the other guys, you may end up with a low-quality product – which could result in a lower overall market share!


  • Don’t add too many features or make too many changes at once – You should do your best to keep things simple for your users. This means avoiding making major changes and overhauls all at once – you need to work incrementally, so that users can familiarize themselves with new features and changes over time.


  • Don’t ignore your customers and their feedback – Above all, listen to your customers. Do not focus on gaining more customers or adding more features if your current customers are alerting you about issues with your software or improvements you could make. If you ignore your current customers while attempting to scale, the results can be disastrous.


By avoiding these three common pitfalls, you can make sure that you’re scaling when your company is ready – and ensure your customers remain satisfied with your product as you grow.


So, When Should I Start Scaling My Software Product?

Do you think that it’s time to start scaling your product? Not sure if this is the best choice? Here are a few key indicators that show it may be time to scale – and begin reaching a larger customer base.

  • Your product is reliable, stable and provides a consistent experience – Scaling a buggy, broken or inconsistent product will only result in more problems. Great quality control (QC) is critical before – and during – the scaling process!
  •  Your customers are satisfied – Make sure your current customers are having a great experience before you try to reach new ones – or you’ll end up providing a sub-par product.
  • Your finances are ready to handle additional team members/partners – You’re going to need to invest in more developers, IT infrastructure, partners and contractors and more. Make sure you’ve got the capital to handle these investments – before you start scaling.


Know When Your Product Is Ready To Scale – And Be Smart About Your Growth!

As an entrepreneur tempting to scale quickly – the “move fast and break things” motto of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg comes to mind. But when it comes to enterprise software, patience pays.

Take things slowly and make sure you’re truly prepared before scaling your products. Otherwise, you risk alienating your current customers – and failing to appeal to new customers, too, which can be catastrophic. So keep this advice in mind, and make sure you scale your products when you’re truly ready to do so!

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