Tuesday 25 February 2020
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Why Should I Have A Software Testing Strategy – How Will it Help?

Why Should I Have A Software Testing Strategy – How Will it Help?

Software development is not cheap, so it’s understandable that some companies may be looking to cut corners – and reduce the cost of their software projects by minimizing software testing and QA.

But software testing is absolutely essential for a functional, usable software application. While you may be able to save some money in the short term, failing to test a piece of software properly will end up costing you more in the long run. Learn more about the importance of software testing – and how to build a proper software testing strategy – by reading this article now.


Understanding The Importance Of Software Testing

There are dozens of reasons that software testing and QA is absolutely essential for the functionality and usability of your product, but we’ll just take a look at a few of the most important reasons.


  • Ensure proper functionality and reliability – Software testing is the only way to make sure that your product is reliable, and functions in the way that it’s intended to. Failing to test your product properly can lead to unreliable performance, frequent crashes, and serious bugs and errors.
  • Catch potentially devastating bugs and issues – If you do not perform product testing and QA, your software could have serious, devastating bugs and vulnerabilities. For example, if you built a payment processing software, and a bug – which could have been caught during testing – caused the system to expose credit card information, you could be liable for failing to perform your due diligence, and not catching the bug.
  •  Optimize and improve product performance – Testing and QA allows you to experiment and use your software in a variety of different situations and environments – and identify ways in which you can optimize it, and improve its performance.
  •  Guarantee customer satisfaction, protect your reputation – Glitchy, unreliable, and bug-ridden software will damage your company’s reputation, and your customers won’t be satisfied with your products – which results in lost profits, and lower sales.


How Can I Build A Proper Software Testing Strategy?

 Curious about the steps you should take to test your software? Here are a few steps you can take to build a better software testing strategy.


  • Begin with basic functionality testing – This is the most basic form of software testing. Try out every feature, button, and form. Test the system to make sure it works, perform tests under different loading conditions, and so on. Pretend you are a customer – and think about the circumstances in which they will be using your software, to make sure it works. Make use of automation tools, and test your software in every conceivable configuration and use-case.
  • Perform a code review – A code review can be a helpful way to identify unnecessary code, modules, and system components, and identify potential errors and issues with your code.
  • Run a static code analysis – With the right tools, you can run an analysis of your code without executing it, allowing you to look for weaknesses in the source code, security vulnerabilities, inconsistencies and more.
  • Hire a dedicated QA team – Once your software has gone through basic testing, it should be turned over to a team of Quality Assurance (QA) professionals – who will put your software through its paces, identify potential bugs and errors, and ensure that you’re aware of any glitches or issues with the software.


Focus On Software Testing – And Never Cut Corners On QA!

Though software testing and QA are both time consuming and can be expensive, they are cheap compared to the costs of releasing a buggy, glitch-ridden, and unreliable piece of software. It only takes one serious problem to destroy your reputation in the eyes of your customers. So do your due diligence – and make sure you focus on software testing and QA to ensure that your software is up to the highest possible standards.


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