Monday 16 May 2022
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Windows Insiders Rejoice! Cool New updates coming soon!

Windows Insiders Rejoice!  Cool New updates coming soon!

From Microsoft:

Hello Windows Insiders!

With the release of Windows 10 Fall Creators Update last month I want to take a moment to thank you, our millions of Insiders, who influence the future direction of Windows with all of your incredible engagement. Your feedback impacts how we move this extensive ecosystem of partners, developers, apps and services forward and we are on a roll as we continue to push the boundaries with Windows 10. Your commitment and passion helps us to deliver an exceptional experience for our customers around the world to achieve more.

As you know through our on-going flights, we are hard at work on future updates to Windows 10 — and really looking forward to your feedback to refine our thinking. We will continue on our mission to empower the creator in all of us, with a new lens on exploring areas that help make the most of time, one of our most precious resources, and finding more time to create.

NOTE: This is an email sent out to Windows Insiders on 11/28 from Terry Myerson, EVP for Windows and Devices here at Microsoft.

 An overview of the some of the new features: 

“TIMELINE” to help you jump back in time

Today people work and play across multiple applications, platforms and devices and we want to make this easier and more seamless for our customers, so they can focus on what’s important – creating and getting things done.

Introducing “Sets” — an easier way to organize your stuff and get back to what you were doing

With the evolving modern workplace, we work on sets of things and often get pulled to do other things.  The time we spend setting things up just the way we want them for a project and managing a complex project, with all our files, websites, notes and apps at hand —only to be pulled away at the last minute by a call, a meeting or some other interruption that seem to happen throughout our busy days.

This productivity tool will make it easier and faster to create and be productive.

Microsoft said “Sets represents a new chapter in our collaboration with you, our WIP community. You may have heard Satya talk about our cultural shift as a company of moving towards one that’s more “learn it all”. This is something we have embraced wholeheartedly, and it means we’re going to try some new things. We’ll test, learn and adjust based on your feedback.”

With Sets specifically,  they are introducing it in a controlled study into WIP.  They want to more accurately assess what’s working and what’s not.  That means a smaller percentage of testers will get Sets in the build.  Some of the testers won’t get it all for a while, Microsoft wants to understand the full picture of the usage and satisfaction of the capabilities of the task switching in Windows for the peeps who have the full version of sets and the peeps who do not.  It may take a while for the full roll-out to happen, but it will be great when it happens and fully tested.




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